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pronunciation: setsubou
kanji characters: ,
translation: earnest desire, craving, yearning
切望する: setsubousuru: desire earnestly, crave for, long for, yearn for
check also: 願望


pronunciation: setsubun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: eve which separates 2 seasons in lunar calendar (especially the beginning of spring and also Chinese new year, 2-4 February in Japan)
check also: 節句 , Setsubun


pronunciation: setsudan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , tool
translation: cutting off, trimming, amputation
切断する: setsudansuru: cut off, sever, amputate
二つに切断する: hutatsunisetsudansuru: cut (a thing) in two <<<
切断機: setsudanki: cutting machine <<<
切断面: setsudanmen: cut surface [face], section <<<


pronunciation: setsuden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: energy , electricity
translation: electricity saving
節電する: setsudensuru: economize (in) power, save electricity


pronunciation: setsuei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: construction, installation, encampment
設営する: setsueisuru: construct, prepare, arrange, install, set up camp
check also: 設置


pronunciation: setsugen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: snowfield


pronunciation: setsugou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: connection, assemblage
接合する: setsugousuru: unit, join, connect, inosculate
接合部: setsugoubu: junction <<< , ジャンクション
接合剤: setsugouzai: bonding agent <<<
接合体: setsugoutai: zygote <<<
check also: 接着


pronunciation: setsujoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , war
translation: revenge
雪辱する: setsujokusuru: revenge defeat, vindicate one's honor
雪辱戦: setsujokusen: return match, game <<<
check also: 復讐


pronunciation: setsumei
kanji characters: ,
translation: explanation, account, description, illustration, exposition, comment, notice
説明する: setsumeisuru: explain, describe, illustrate, expose
説明の: setsumeino: explanatory, descriptive
説明的: setsumeiteki <<<
説明し難い: setsumeishigatai: inexplicable <<<
説明書: setsumeisho: explanatory note, manual <<< , マニュアル
説明図: setsumeizu: explanatory diagram <<<
synonyms: 解説


pronunciation: setsuna
kanji characters:
keyword: time
translation: moment, instant
刹那の: setsunano: momentary
刹那的: setsunateki <<<
刹那的快楽: setsunatekikairaku: momentary pleasures <<< 快楽
刹那的に: setsunatekini: momentarily <<<
刹那主義: setsunashugi: principle of living only for the moment [for momentary pleasures] <<< 主義
check also: 瞬間

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