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pronunciation: shigai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: dead body, corpse, person's remains
synonyms: 死体 ,


pronunciation: shigai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: street
市街戦: shigaisen: street fighting <<<
市街地: shigaichi: city area <<<
市街鉄道: shigaitetsudou: street railway, tramway <<< 鉄道
市街電車: shigaidensha <<< 電車
旧市街: kyuushigai: old city [downtown], historic city [downtown] <<<
synonyms: 市内


pronunciation: shigaisen
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: physics
translation: ultraviolet rays, UV ray
紫外線療法: shigaisenryouhou: sunray therapy, ultraviolet treatment <<< 療法
antonyms: 赤外線


pronunciation: shigan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: desire (n.), aspiration, application, volunteering
志願する: shigansuru: desire (v.), aspire (to), apply (for), volunteer (for)
志願者: shigansha: applicant (for), volunteer (for), candidate (for) <<< , ボランティア
志願兵: shiganhei: volunteer soldier <<<
志願書: shigansho: written application <<<
check also: 志望


pronunciation: shigatsu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 4月
keyword: calendar
translation: April
四月に: shigatsuni: in April
四月初め: shigatsuhajime: beginning of April <<<
四月半ば: shigatsunakaba: middle of April <<<
四月馬鹿: shigatsubaka: April fool <<< 馬鹿


pronunciation: shigeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: stimulus, impetus, incitement, incentive, spur, stimulation, impulsion, encouragement
刺激する: shigekisuru: stimulate, irritate, excite, incite, give an impetus (to)
刺激されて: shigekisarete: under the stimulus of, spurred by
刺激的: shigekiteki: stimulative, stimulating, pungent <<<
刺激性の: shigekiseino <<<
刺激の強い: shigekinotsuyoi: exciting, thrilling, sensational <<<
刺激の無い: shigekinonai: monotonous <<<
刺激を求める: shigekiomotomeru: look for some excitement <<<
刺激と成る: shigekitonaru: serve as an incentive <<<
刺激物: shigekibutsu: stimulus (drug) <<<
刺激剤: shigekizai <<<
刺激療法: shigekiryouhou: stimulus therapy <<< 療法
欲情を刺激する: yokujouoshigekisuru: excite one's desire <<< 欲情


pronunciation: shigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , industry
translation: resources
資源を開発する: shigennokaihatsusuru: develop [exploit] natural resources <<< 開発
資源を保護する: shigennohogosuru: conserve natural resources <<< 保護
資源配分: shigenhaibun: resource allocation
資源リサイクル: shigenrisaikuru: recycling of resources <<< リサイクル
石油資源: sekiyushigen: petroleum resources <<< 石油
海底資源: kaiteishigen: sea-bottom resources <<< 海底
鉱物資源: koubutsushigen: mineral resources <<< 鉱物
地下資源: chikashigen: underground resources <<< 地下
天然資源: tennnenshigen: natural resource <<< 天然


pronunciation: shigo
kanji characters: ,
translation: whispering
私語する: shigosuru: whisper, talk in a low voice


pronunciation: shigoto
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: work (n.), task, job, employment, occupation, exercise
仕事する: shigotosuru: work (v.), labor (v.)
仕事を捜す: shigotoosagasu: seek for employment, hunt for a job <<<
仕事が無い: shigotoganai: have nothing to do, be out of job [work] <<<
仕事に追われる: shigotoniowareru: be pressed with business, be very busy <<<
仕事を休む: shigotooyasumu: absent oneself [stay away] from work <<<
仕事に行く: shigotoniiku: go to work <<<
仕事を止める: shigotooyameru: knock off work <<<
仕事を辞める: shigotooyameru: resign one's post, retire <<<
仕事を任せる: shigotoomakaseru: entrust with a task <<<
仕事中: shigotochuu: at work, occupied <<<
仕事場: shigotoba: studio, working place <<<
仕事着: shigotogi: working [workaday] clothes <<<
針仕事: harishigoto: needlework, sewing <<<
手仕事: teshigoto: handwork, manual labor <<<
畑仕事: hatakeshigoto: farmwork, agricultural work <<<
百姓仕事: hyakushoushigoto: farmwork <<< 百姓
徹夜で仕事する: tetsuyadeshigotosuru: sit up all night working, work all night <<< 徹夜
大工仕事: daikushigoto: carpentry <<< 大工
毎日の仕事: mainichinoshigoto: daily work <<< 毎日
腰掛け仕事: koshikakeshigoto: stopgap [temporary] work <<< 腰掛
合間仕事: aimashigoto: odd [side] job <<< 合間
野良仕事: norashigoto: farmwork, agricultural work <<< 野良
家事仕事: kajishigoto: domestic works <<< 家事
手間仕事: temashigoto: piecework <<< 手間
台所仕事: daidokoroshigoto: kitchen work <<< 台所
台所仕事をする: daidokoroshigotoosuru: cook <<< 台所
生涯の仕事: shougainoshigoto: (one's) lifework <<< 生涯
一日の仕事: ichinichinoshigoto: day's work <<< 一日
杜撰な仕事: zusannnashigoto: badly done work <<< 杜撰
一生の仕事: isshounoshigoto: lifework <<< 一生
隠居仕事: inkyoshigoto: sinecure <<< 隠居
下請仕事: shitaukeshigoto: subcontracted work <<< 下請
check also: 作業 ,


pronunciation: shigure
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: wintry [autumnal] shower
時雨る: shigureru: It drizzles
蝉時雨: semishigure: cicada chorus <<<

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