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pronunciation: shihai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: control, occupation, reign (n.)
支配する: shihaisuru: control (v.), occupy, reign (v.), rule
支配的: shihaiteki: ruling, dominant <<<
支配者: shihaisha: ruler, dominator <<<
支配人: shihainin: manager <<< , マネージャー
総支配人: soushihainin: sole [general] manager <<<
支配欲: shihaiyoku: thirst for power, domineering nature <<<
支配権: shihaiken: control, supremacy, management <<<
支配力: shihairyoku: governing power, leadership <<<
支配階級: shihaikaikyuu: governing classes <<< 階級
支配会社: shihaigaisha: controlling company <<< 会社
実効支配: jikkoushihai: effective control <<< 実効
check also: 権力


pronunciation: shihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: instructor, teacher, master
師範代: shihandai: assistant instructor <<<
師範学校: shihangakkou: normal school <<< 学校
剣道師範: kendoushihan: kendo master <<< 剣道
フェンシング師範: fenshingushihan: fencing master <<< フェンシング


pronunciation: shihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: public sale (on the market)
市販する: shihansuru: market, put (goods) on the market [on sale]
市販品: shihanhin: goods on the market <<<
check also: 販売


pronunciation: shiharai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: payment
支払う: shiharau: pay, defray, discharge, honor
支払うべき: shiharaubeki: payable, due (to a person)
支払係: shiharaigakari: paying cashier [teller] <<<
支払金: shiharaikin: money paid [due] <<<
支払口: shiharaiguchi: paying counter <<<
支払先: shiharaisaki: payee <<<
支払済: shiharaizumi: paid <<<
支払高: shiharaidaka: amount paid, amount payable [due] <<<
支払人: shiharainin: payer <<<
支払日: shiharaibi: payday, payoff <<<
支払期日: shiharaikijitsu: due date, date of payment <<< 期日
支払条件: shiharaijouken: terms of payment <<< 条件
支払手形: shiharaitegata: bill [note] payable <<< 手形
支払能力: shiharainouryoku: solvency, one's responsibility <<< 能力
支払方法: shiharaihouhou: payment method, mode of payment, method of payment <<< 方法
追加支払: tsuikashiharai: additional payment <<< 追加
参加支払: sankashiharai: payment for honor <<< 参加
手形で支払う: tegatadeshiharau: pay by a draft <<< 手形
手形支払: tegatashiharai: payment by note <<< 手形
賃金を支払う: chinginnoshiharau: pay a person <<< 賃金
check also: 支出


pronunciation: shihatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: the first train [car, bus]
上り始発: noborishihatsu: the first train up <<<
始発駅: shihatsueki: starting station <<<
始発列車: shihatsuressha: the first train <<< 列車


pronunciation: shihei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy , finance
translation: paper money, bank note
紙幣発行: shiheihakkou: issue of bank notes <<< 発行
偽造紙幣: gizoushihei: forged banknote <<< 偽造
ドル紙幣: dorushihei: greenback <<< ドル


pronunciation: shihon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , economy
translation: capital (money), fund
資本を投じる: shihouotoujiru: invest (lay out) one's capital <<<
資本家: shihonka: capitalist, financier <<<
資本金: shihonkin: capital, stock <<<
資本主義: shihonshugi: capitalism <<< 主義
経営資本: keieishihon: working capital <<< 経営
投下資本: toukashihon: invested capital <<< 投下
投資資本: toushishihon: investment capital <<< 投資
独占資本: dokusenshihon: monopolistic capital <<< 独占
営業資本: eigyoushihon: working capital <<< 営業
流動資本: ryuudoushihon: circulating [floating] capital <<< 流動
商業資本: shougyoushihon: trading capital <<< 商業
金融資本: kinnyuushihon: financial capital <<< 金融
運転資本: untenshihon: working fund [capital] <<< 運転
自己資本: jikoshihon: equity capital <<< 自己
固定資本: koteishihon: fixed capital <<< 固定


pronunciation: shihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: all sides, all directions, all parts
四方八方: shihouhappou <<< 八方
四方に: shihouni: in all directions
四方から: shihoukara: from all directions


pronunciation: shihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: (administration of) justice
司法の: shihouno: judicial, judiciary, juridical
司法官: shihoukan: judicial officer <<<
司法省: shihoushou: ministry of justice, department of justice <<<
司法権: shihouken: jurisdiction, judicature <<<
司法当局: shihoutoukyoku: judicial authorities <<< 当局
司法警察: shihoukeisatsu: judicial police <<< 警察
司法書士: shihoushoshi: judicial scrivener
司法大臣: shihoudaijin: minister of justice <<< 大臣
司法長官: shihouchoukan: attorney general <<< 長官
司法行政: shihougyousei: judicial administration <<< 行政


pronunciation: shihyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy , mathematics
translation: index, characteristic, index of logarithm
財務指標: zaimushihyou: financial index <<< 財務
synonyms: インデックス , 指数

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