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pronunciation: shimizu , kiyomizu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , japan
translation: spring water
清水市: shimizushi: City of Shimizu <<<
清水港: shimizukou: Shimizu Harbor <<<
清水寺: kiyomizudera: Kiyomizu Temple <<<
清水の舞台から飛び降りる: kiyomizunobutaikaratobioriru: cross the Rubicon, take a leap in the dark
岩清水: iwashimizu: spring water issuing from rocks <<<
check also: Shimizu , Kiyomizudera


pronunciation: shimobashira
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: ice needles, ice columns, frost in the ground
霜柱が立つ: shimobashiragatatsu: Frost forms <<<


pronunciation: shimon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: fingerprint
指紋を取る: shimonnotoru: take fingerprints <<<
指紋学: shimongaku: dactylography <<<
指紋法: shimonhou <<<


pronunciation: shimonoseki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Shimonoseki (city)
下関市: shimonosekishi: City of Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) <<<
check also: 山口 , Shimonoseki


pronunciation: shimoyake
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: frostbite, chilblains
霜焼が出来る: shimoyakegadekiru: become frostbitten, be affected with chilblains, have chilblains <<< 出来
霜焼に罹る: shimoyakenikakaru <<<
check also: 凍傷


pronunciation: shina
kanji characters: ,
other spells: シナ
keyword: china
translation: China (anc.)
支那竹: shinachiku: lactate-fermented bamboo shoots (used in ramen) <<< , メンマ
synonyms: 中国


pronunciation: shinai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: city (n.)
市内の: shinaino: local, city (a.)
市内で: shinaide: in (within, inside) city
市内版: shinaiban: city edition <<<
市内電車: shinaidensha: tram, streetcar <<< 電車
市内通話: shinaitsuuwa: local call
市内配達: shinaihaitatsu: city delivery <<< 配達
旧市内: kyuushinai: old town center <<<
パリ市内: parishinai: City of Paris <<< パリ
ロンドン市内: rondonshinai: inside London city <<< ロンドン
check also: 郊外 , 市外


pronunciation: shinai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: bamboo sword
check also: 剣道 , 木剣


pronunciation: shinamono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: article, thing, goods
安価な品物: ankanashinamono: cheap article, gimcrack, trash <<< 安価
雑多な品物: zattanashinamono: sundries <<< 雑多
check also: 商品


pronunciation: shinano
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: Shinano (old name of Nagano prefecture)
信濃国: shinanonokuni <<<
信濃川: shinanogawa: Shinano River <<<
信濃守: shinanonokami: Governor of Shinano (anc.) <<<
信濃町: shinanomachi: Town of Shinano (in Nagano), Shinanomachi (a neighborhood in Tokyo) <<<
信濃町駅: shinanomachieki: Shinanomachi station (in Tokyo) <<<
check also: 長野

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