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pronunciation: shinjin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: new man [figure, face]
新人選手: shinjinsenshu: rookie, young player <<< 選手
新人俳優: shinjinhaiyuu: new star, young actor <<< 俳優


pronunciation: shinjin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: piety, faith, devotion
信心する: shinjinsuru: worship, believe in
信心振る: shinjinburu: cant <<<
信心深い: shinjinbukai: pious, devout, religious <<<
信心嫌い: shinjingirai: impiety, impious, infidel <<<
synonyms: 信仰


pronunciation: shinjitsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: truth, reality, fact, sooth (anc.)
真実の: shinjitsuno: true, real, sooth
真実に: shinjitsuni: truly, really, in fact
真実の所: shinjitsunotokoro: to tell the truth, truth to tell, the fact is that <<<
真実を明かす: shinjitsuoakasu: speak the truth <<<
真実を語る: shinjitsuokataru <<<
synonyms: 事実 , 本当


pronunciation: shinju
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accessory , mollusk
translation: pearl
真珠の様な: shinjunoyouna: pearly <<<
真珠湾: shinjuwan: Pearl Harbor <<<
真珠貝: shinjugai: pearl oyster <<<
真珠採り: shinjutori: pearl fishing, pearl fisher <<<
真珠採取: shinjusaishu: pearl fishing <<< 採取
真珠養殖: shinjuyoushoku: pearl culture <<< 養殖
養殖真珠: youshokushinju: cultivated pearl <<< 養殖
人工真珠: jinkoushinju: artificial [imitation] pearl <<< 人工
模造真珠: mozoushinju: imitation pearl <<< 模造
synonyms: パール
check also: 牡蠣


pronunciation: shinjuku
kanji characters: , 宿
keyword: japan
translation: Shinjuku (borough, station)
新宿区: shinjukuku: Borough of Shinjuku (in Tokyo) <<<
新宿駅: shinjukueki: Shinjuku Station <<<
新宿御苑: shinjukugyoen: Shinjuku-Gyoen National Garden
check also: 東京 , Shinjuku


pronunciation: shinjuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: double suicide, lovers' suicide
心中する: shinjuusuru: commit un double suicide
心中未遂: shinjuumisui: attempted double suicide
無理心中: murishinjuu: suicide together forcibly <<< 無理
一家心中: ikkashinjuu: whole family suicide <<< 一家
check also: 自殺


pronunciation: shinka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: evolution, progress (n.), progression
進化する: shinkasuru: evolve, progress (v.)
進化論: shinkaron: theory of evolution, evolutionism, Darwinism <<<
進化論者: shinkaronsha: evolutionist, Darwinist <<<
antonyms: 退化


pronunciation: shinkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: deep sea
深海の: shinkaino: deep-sea (a.), pelagic
深海魚: shinkaigyo: deep-sea fish <<<
深海漁業: shinkaigyogyou: deep-sea fishing <<< 漁業
check also: 遠洋


pronunciation: shinkei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: nerve
神経の: shinkeino: nervous, imaginary
神経性: shinkeisei <<<
神経が太い: shinkeigahutoi: be bold, be daring <<<
神経が細い: shinkeigahosoi: be touchy <<<
神経が鈍い: shinkeiganibui: be thick-skinned, be dull-witted <<<
神経を静める: shinkeioshizumeru: calm one's nerves <<<
神経質: shinkeishitsu: nervous, nervy <<<
神経痛: shinkeitsuu: neuralgia <<<
神経症: shinkeishou: neurosis, psychoneurosis <<< , ノイローゼ
神経炎: shinkeien: neuritis <<<
神経節: shinkeisetsu: ganglion <<<
神経戦: shinkeisen: psychological warfare <<<
神経科: shinkeika: neurology <<<
神経科医: shinkeikai: neurologist <<<
神経衰弱: shinkeisuijaku: nervous breakdown
脊髄神経: sekizuishinkei: spinal nerves <<< 脊髄
顔面神経: ganmenshinkei: facial nerve <<< 顔面
運動神経: undoushinkei: motor nerve <<< 運動
味覚神経: mikakushinkei: taste bud <<< 味覚
中枢神経: chuusuushinkei: nervous center <<< 中枢
知覚神経: chikakushinkei: sensory nerves <<< 知覚
感覚神経: kankakushinkei: sensitive nerves <<< 感覚
自律神経: jiritsushinkei: autonomic nerve <<< 自律


pronunciation: shinken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: earnestness, seriousness, sincerity, real sword
真剣な: shinkennna: serious, earnest, sincere, for real
真剣に: shinkennni: in earnest, earnestly, seriously
真剣勝負: shinkenshoubu: combat with real swords, serious combat <<< 勝負
真剣勝負をする: shinkenshoubuosuru: fight with real swords
check also: 剣道

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