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pronunciation: shinpai
kanji characters: ,
translation: fear, concern, apprehension, worry, anxiety, dread, trouble
心配する: shinpaisuru: be concerned, apprehensive, anxious, have a fear
心配させる: shinpaisaseru: trouble (v.), cause anxiety
心配掛ける: shinpaikakeru <<<
心配するな: shinpaisuruna: Don't worry (about)
心配無い: shinpainai: quiet, safe, secure, trustworthy <<<
心配して: shinpaishite: anxiously, with anxiety, in fear of
心配そうに: shinpaisouni
心配の種: shinpainotane: source [cause] of anxiety <<<
心配の余り: shinpainoamari: from extreme anxiety, in the excess of anxiety <<<
心配事: shinpaigoto: worries, headaches <<<
心配事が有る: shinpaigotogaaru: have concerns <<<
余計な心配: yokeinashinpai: unnecessary worry [concern] <<< 余計
余計な心配をする: yokeinashinpaiosuru: be unnecessarily worried (about) <<< 余計
synonyms: 懸念 , 憂慮 , 不安 , 心痛


pronunciation: shinpan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: judge, referee
審判する: shinpansuru: judge (v.), act as umpire [referee]
審判を下す: shinpannokudasu: give a judgment <<<
審判員: shinpannin: referee, umpire (person) <<<
審判者: shinpansha <<<
最後の審判: saigonoshinpan: the last judgment <<< 最後
synonyms: アンパイア


pronunciation: shinpei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: newly-enlisted soldier, recruit, rookie


pronunciation: shinpi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: mystery, secrecy
神秘的: shinpiteki: mysterious, secret, occult <<<
神秘主義: shinpishugi: mysticism <<< 主義
神秘主義者: shinpishugisha: mystic <<<
神秘家: shinpika <<<
synonyms: 秘密 , ミステリー


pronunciation: shinpin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: new article
新品の: shinpinnno: brand-new
新品同様: shinpindouyou: like new <<< 同様
antonyms: 中古


pronunciation: shinpo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: progress (n.), advance (n.), advancement
進歩する: shinposuru: progress (v.), advance (v.)
進歩した: shinposhita: advanced
進歩が早い: shinpogahayai: make rapid progress <<<
進歩が遅い: shinpogaosoi: make slow progress <<<
進歩的: shinpoteki: progressive (a.) <<<
進歩派: shinpoha: progressive group <<<
進歩主義: shinposhugi: progressivism <<< 主義
進歩主義者: shinposhugisha: progressionist, progressist, progressive (n.) <<<
格段の進歩: kakudannnoshinpo: definite advance, substantial progress <<< 格段
急速に進歩する: kyuusokunishinposuru: advance [progress] quickly [rapidly] <<< 急速
synonyms: 向上 , 進捗


pronunciation: shinpu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: priest, father
神父様: shinpusama: reverend father <<<
ダミアン神父: damianshinpu: Father Damien <<< ダミアン
synonyms: 牧師


pronunciation: shinrai
kanji characters: ,
translation: trust (n.), confidence, credibility
信頼する: shinraisuru: trust (v.)
信頼を得る: shinraioeru: get one's credibility <<<
信頼に答える: shinrainikotaeru: prove oneself worthy of another's trust <<<
信頼し難い: shinraishigatai: unreliable, untrustworthy <<<
信頼出来る: shinraidekiru: reliable, credible, safe <<< 出来
信頼を裏切る: shinraiouragiru: betray [fail] a person's trust <<< 裏切
synonyms: 信用
check also: 確信


pronunciation: shinrei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: psychics
心霊の: shinreino: psychic, psychical
心霊術: shinreitsuju: psychic art <<<
心霊研究: shinreikenkyuu: psychic research <<< 研究
心霊現象: shinreigenshou: psychic phenomena <<< 現象
check also: 精神 , 心理


pronunciation: shinri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: philosophy
translation: truth
真理を求める: shinriomotomeru: seek (after) truth <<<
真理を探究する: shinriotankyuusuru
真理の探究: shinrinotankyuu: pursuit of truth
真理の追究: shinrinotsuikyuu

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