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pronunciation: shitsumon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , politics
translation: question (n.), inquiry
質問する: shitsumonsuru: question (v.), query
質問を受ける: shitsumonnoukeru: be asked, be questioned <<<
質問に答える: shitsumonnnikotaeru: answer a question, give an answer to a question <<<
質問書: shitsumonsho: questionnaire <<<
質問者: shitsumonsha: questioner, interrogator <<<
質問戦: shitsumonsen: interpellation war <<<
関連質問: kanrenshitsumon: interpellation on related matters <<< 関連
緊急質問: kinkyuushitsumon: emergency interpellation <<< 緊急
職務質問: shokumushitsumon: police checkup <<< 職務
職務質問される: shokumushitsumonsareru: be questioned by a policeman <<< 職務


pronunciation: shitsunai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , sport
translation: interior (of house), inside room
室内の: shitsunaino: indoor
室内で: shitsunaide: in [inside, within] a room, indoors
室内楽: shitsunaigaku: chamber music <<<
室内靴: shitsunaigutsu: house shoe <<< , スリッパ
室内装飾: shitsunaisoushoku: interior decoration <<< 装飾
室内運動: shitsunaiundou: indoor exercise <<< 運動
室内遊戯: shitsunaiyuugi: indoor game [amusement] <<< 遊戯
室内温度: shitsunaiondo: room temperature <<< 温度
室内植物: shitsunaishokubutsu: house plant <<< 植物
室内プール: shitsunaipuuru: indoor pool <<< プール
check also: 屋内


pronunciation: shitsurei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: breach of etiquette, discourtesy, impoliteness, rudeness, I am sorry!
失礼な: shitsureina: impolite, rude, discourteous, How dare you!
失礼する: shitsureisuru: leave (a person)
失礼します: shitsureishimasu: Excuse me [a moment, to leave you]
失礼ですが: shitsureidesuga: Pardon [Excuse] me but, May I ask, I am sorry to trouble you but
失礼な事を言う: shitsureinakotooiu: say rude things, make rude remarks
失礼な振舞いをする: shitsureinahurumaiosuru: be rude to (a person)
失礼な態度を取る: shitsureinataidootoru
一寸失礼: chottoshitsurei: I'll be right there <<< 一寸


pronunciation: shitsuren
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: disappointed [unrequited] love
失恋する: shitsurensuru: be crossed [disappointed] in love (for a person)
失恋した: shitsurenshita: lovelorn, brokenhearted
失恋の: shitsurennno
失恋の悩み: shitsurennnonayami: agonies of broken heart, pangs of despised love <<<


pronunciation: shitsuryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: mass
質量数: shitsuryousuu: mass number, nuclear number <<<
質量保存: shitsuryouhozon: conservation of mass <<< 保存
質量分析: shitsuryoubunseki: mass spectrometry <<< 分析
質量分析計: shitsuryoubunsekikei: spectrograph of mass <<<
質量分析器: shitsuryoubunsekiki <<<
質量スペクトル: shitsuryousupekutoru: spectrum of mass <<< スペクトル
原子質量: genshishitsuryou: atomic mass <<< 原子
check also: 重量


pronunciation: shitsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: toothache


pronunciation: shitto
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: jealousy, envy
嫉妬心: shittoshin <<<
嫉妬心から: shittoshinkara: out of jealousy [envy]
嫉妬心を起こす: shittoshinnookosu: feel [become] jealous (of) <<<
嫉妬に燃える: shittonimoeru: be green with envy <<<
嫉妬する: shittosuru: be jealous (of), envy, be envious (of)
嫉妬して: shittoshite: jealously
嫉妬深い: shittobukai: jealous, envious <<<
check also: 焼餅


pronunciation: shiuchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: treatment, behavior, action, conduct
酷い仕打ちをする: hidoishiuchiosuru: treat roughly [harshly] <<<
酷い仕打を受ける: hidoishiuchioukeru: be ill-treated
check also: 行為


pronunciation: shiwake
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 仕訳
keyword: office
translation: classification, apportionment, assortment, journalizing
仕分する: shiwakesuru: classify, apportion, assort, divide, journalize
仕分書: shiwakesho: specifications <<<
仕分帳: shiwakechou: journal <<<
仕分人: shiwakenin: classifier (person) <<<
synonyms: 分類 , 区分


pronunciation: shiwasu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: end of the year, December
synonyms: 年末

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