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pronunciation: shiwaza
kanji characters: ,
translation: act, action, deed, one's doing
誰の仕業だ: darenoshiwazada: Who has done it? <<<
何者の仕業だろう: nanimononoshiwazadarou: Who has done it? <<< 何者
synonyms: 行為


pronunciation: shiya
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: range of vision, field of view
視野が広い: shiyagahiroi: have a broad outlook <<<
視野が狭い: shiyagasemai: have a narrow outlook <<<
視野を遮る: shiyaosaegiru: obstruct (close) the view <<<
check also: 視界


pronunciation: shiyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: reagent


pronunciation: shiyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: method, way, means
仕様の無い: shiyounonai: good-for-nothing, worthless, hopeless, incorrigible <<<
仕様が無い: shiyouganai, shouganai: good-for-nothing, worthless, hopeless, incorrigible, Pity! Too bad!
仕様書: shiyousho, shiyougaki: specifications <<<


pronunciation: shiyou
kanji characters: 使 ,
keyword: job
translation: use (n.), usage
使用する: shiyousuru: use (v.), employ
使用される: shiyousareru: be used, be in use
使用に耐える: shiyounitaeru: be fit for use, stand use <<<
使用に供する: shiyounikyuusuru: place at a person's disposal <<<
使用法: shiyouhou: directions for use, manual <<< , マニュアル , 用法
使用人: shiyounin: (house) employee, servant <<< , 下男 , 雇人
使用者: shiyousha: user, employer <<<
使用中: shiyouchuu: occupied <<<
使用権: shiyouken: right of using <<<
使用料: shiyouryou: rent <<<
使用価値: shiyoukachi: utility value <<< 価値
使用禁止: shiyoukinshi: do not use <<< 禁止
未使用: mishiyou: boxed as new, unopened, not used <<<
未使用品: mishiyouhin: unopened goods [article] <<< 用品
synonyms: 利用


pronunciation: shiyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty
translation: privately-owning
私有の: shiyuuno: private, privately-owned
私有化: shiyuuka: privatization <<<
私有化する: shiyuukasuru: privatize
私有権: shiyuuken: right of private property <<<
私有林: shiyuurin: private forest <<<
私有地: shiyuuchi: private property <<<
私有財産: shiyuuzaisan <<< 財産
check also: 私的


pronunciation: shizen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , environment
translation: nature
自然な: shizennna: natural, crude, wild <<< ナチュラル
自然に: shizennni: naturally
自然食: shizenshoku: natural food <<<
自然色: shizenshoku: natural color <<<
自然美: shizenbi: natural beauty <<<
自然界: shizenkai: natural world <<<
自然観: shizenkan: one's view of nature <<<
自然保護: shizenhogo: conservancy, nature conservation <<< 保護
自然現象: shizengenshou: natural phenomenon <<< 現象
自然科学: shizenkagaku: natural science <<< 科学
check also: 天然


pronunciation: shizuoka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Shizuoka (prefecture, city)
静岡県: shizuokaken: Prefecture of Shizuoka <<<
静岡市: shizuokashi: City of Shizuoka <<<
check also: Shizuoka


pronunciation: shobun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment , justice
translation: disposal, disposition, punishment
処分する: jobunsuru: dispose, clean up, punish
処分品: shobunhin: clearance goods <<<
処分場: shobunjou: garbage dump <<<
懲戒処分: choukaishobun: disciplinary measures <<< 懲戒
行政処分: gyouseishobun: administrative disposition <<< 行政
強制処分: kyouseishobun: coercive measure <<< 強制
synonyms: 始末


pronunciation: shochi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: disposition, disposal, dealing, measure, treatment
処置する: shochisuru: deal with, dispose of, take measures [steps]
処置を取る: shochiotoru <<<
処置に困る: shochinikomaru: do not know what to do [how to deal] with (a thing) <<<
処置を誤る: shochioayamaru: take wrong measures <<<
処置無し: shochinashi: beyond hope [cure], no help for <<<
対抗処置: taikoushochi: counter-measure <<< 対抗
不当な処置: hutounashochi: unfair dealing <<< 不当
公正な処置: kouseinashochi: fair and impartial measure <<< 公正
synonyms: 対策
check also: 手段 , 措置

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