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pronunciation: shokuchuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: insect
translation: insectivore
食虫の: shokuchuuno: insectivorous
食虫類: shokuchuurui: insectivora <<<
食虫植物: shokuchuushokubutsu: insectivorous plant <<< 植物
食虫動物: shokuchuudoubutsu: insectivorous animal <<< 動物


pronunciation: shokudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: gullet, esophagus
食道の: shokudouno: esophagic
食道炎: shokudouen: esophagitis <<<
食道癌: shokudougan: cancer of the esophagus <<<
食道狭窄: shokudoukyousaku: stricture of esophagus


pronunciation: shokudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: dining room, lunch-room, cafeteria, refectory, restaurant
食堂車: shokudousha: dining car <<<
学生食堂: gakuseishokudou: student's cafeteria [canteen] <<< 学生
社員食堂: shainshokudou: canteen (of a company) <<< 社員
御好み食堂: okonomishokudou: variety restaurant <<< 御好み
簡易食堂: kannishokudou: quick-lunch room, cafeteria <<< 簡易
synonyms: レストラン


pronunciation: shokugo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: after a meal
食後に: shokugoni
食後酒: shokugoshu: liqueur <<<
食後のデザート: shokugonodezaato: dessert <<< デザート
check also: 食前


pronunciation: shokugyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: one's occupation, one's business, vocation, calling, profession
職業上の: shokugyoujouno: occupational, vocational, professional <<<
職業別に: shokugyoubetsuni: according to occupation, (classify) by occupation <<<
職業病: shokugyoubyou: occupational disease <<<
職業歴: shokugyoureki: one's business [working] experience [career] <<<
職業学校: shokugyougakkou: vocational school <<< 学校
職業軍人: shokugyougunjin: career [professional] soldier <<< 軍人
職業訓練: shokugyoukunren: vocational training <<< 訓練
職業指導: shokugyoushidou <<< 指導
職業補導: shokugyouhodou: vocational guidance <<< 補導
職業教育: shokugyoukyouiku: vocational education <<< 教育
職業選手: shokugyousenshu: professional player, pro <<< 選手
職業婦人: shokugyouhujin: working [career] woman <<< 婦人
職業紹介: shokugyoushoukai: job [placement, placing] service <<< 紹介
職業安定所: shokugyouanteisho: employment security office
職業案内欄: shokugyouannnairan: wanted columns
check also: 仕事 , 職種


pronunciation: shokuhi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: food expense, charge for board


pronunciation: shokuhin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: foods, foodstuff
食品店: shokuhinten: grocer's shop, grocery store <<<
食品法: shokuhinhou: food law, food legislation <<<
食品売場: shokuhinnuriba: grocery department <<< 売場
食品工業: shokuhinkougyou: food industry <<< 工業
食品加工: shokuhinkakou: food processing <<< 加工
食品工場: shokuhinkoujou: food processing plant <<< 工場
食品衛生: shokuhinneisei: food hygiene <<< 衛生
加工食品: kakoushokuhin: processed foods <<< 加工
強化食品: kyoukashokuhin: enriched foods <<< 強化
冷凍食品: reitoushokuhin: refrigerated [frozen] food <<< 冷凍
嘘吐き食品: usotsukishokuhin: adulterated food <<< 嘘吐き
健康食品: kenkoushokuhin: healthy food <<< 健康
インスタント食品: insutantoshokuhin: instant [precooked, convenience] food <<< インスタント
ダイエット食品: daiettoshokuhin: dietetic food <<< ダイエット
レトルト食品: retorutoshokuhin: retort food (food packaged in retort pouch) <<< レトルト
synonyms: 食料


pronunciation: shokuin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , education
translation: staff, personnel
職員室: shokuinshitsu: teachers' room, staff room <<<
職員録: shokuinroku: list of government officials, staff list <<<
職員会議: shokuinkaigi: teachers' meeting <<< 会議
職員組合: shokuinkumiai: teachers' federation [union] <<< 組合
女職員: onnnashokuin: female staff <<<
有給職員: yuukyuushokuin: staff member on the payroll <<< 有給
幹部職員: kanbushokuin: officials in responsible posts <<< 幹部


pronunciation: shokuji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: meal, dinner, eating, food (n.)
食事する: shokujisuru: eat, dine, have [take] a meal, food (v.)
食事を取る: shokujiotoru <<<
食事を出す: shokujiodasu: serve a meal <<<
食事を作る: shokujiotsukuru: prepare a meal, set [fix] the table <<<
食事を用意する: shokujioyouisuru <<< 用意
食事を準備する: shokujiojunbisuru <<< 準備
食事付き: shojitsuki: with board, with meals <<<
食事中: shokujichuu: during dinner, at table <<<
食事時: shokujiji: mealtime, meal period <<<
食事時間: shokujijikan <<< 時間
軽い食事: karuishokuji: light meal <<< , 軽食
外で食事する: sotodeshokujisuru: dine out, eat out <<< , 外食
簡単な食事: kantannnashokuji: light meal, snack <<< 簡単
check also: 御飯


pronunciation: shokumin
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 殖民
keyword: geography , history
translation: colonization, settlement
植民する: shokuminsuru: colonize
植民地: shokuminchi: colony <<<
植民地的: shokuminchiteki: colonial <<<
植民地風: shokuminchihuu <<<
旧植民地: kyuushokuminchi: former colony <<<
植民地化: shokuminchika: colonization <<<
植民地化する: shokuminchikasuru: colonize <<<
植民地政策: shokuminchiseisaku: colonial policy <<< 政策
植民地戦争: shokuminchisensou: colonial war <<< 戦争
植民地時代: shokuminchijidai: colonial epoch <<< 時代
植民地主義: shokuminchishugi: colonialism <<< 主義
新植民地主義: shinshokuminchishugi: neocolonialism <<<
synonyms: 開拓
check also: 移住

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