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pronunciation: tabako
kanji characters: ,
other spells: タバコ
keyword: plant , amusement
translation: tobacco, cigarette, cigar
煙草入れ: tabakoire: tobacco pouch, cigarette case <<<
煙草を吸う: tabakoosuu: smoke a cigarette <<<
煙草を飲む: tabakoonomu <<<
煙草を吹かす: tabakoohukasu: puff away at one's pipe [cigar, cigarette] <<<
煙草屋: tabakoya: tobacco shop, cigar store, tobacconist <<<
煙草店: tabakoten: tobacco shop, cigar store <<<
煙草盆: tabakobon: tobacco tray <<<
葉煙草: hatabako: leaf tobacco <<<
嗅ぎ煙草: kagitabako: snuff <<<
刻み煙草: kizamitabako: cut tobacco <<<
噛み煙草: kamitabako: chewing tobacco <<<
パイプ煙草: paiputabako: pipe tobacco <<< パイプ
check also: 葉巻 , 喫煙 , パイプ


pronunciation: tabemono , shokumotsu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 食べ物
keyword: food
translation: food, provisions, victuals
食物が良い: tabemonogaii: be well fed <<<
食物が悪い: tabemonogawarui: be ill fed <<<
食物を与える: tabemonooataeru: feed <<<
食物屋: tabemonoya: eating house, shop where food is sold <<< , 食堂 , レストラン
食物の恨み: tabemononourami: jealousy about food <<<
synonyms: フード


pronunciation: tabi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: footwear
translation: Japanese socks, tabi
足袋を履く: tabiohaku: put on tabi <<<
足袋を脱ぐ: tabionugu: take off tabi <<<
足袋屋: tabiya: tabi maker [shop] <<<
check also: 靴下


pronunciation: tabibito
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: traveler, tourist


pronunciation: tabidachi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: departure on a journey
旅立ちする: tabidachisuru: start [go] on a journey


pronunciation: tabisaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: travel destination
旅先で: tabisakide: during [on] one's journey
旅先から帰る: tabisakikarakaeru: return from one's journey <<<


pronunciation: tabitabi
kanji characters:
other spells: 度度
keyword: time
translation: many times, often, frequently, repeatedly
度々の: tabitabino: frequent, repeated
synonyms: 屡々


pronunciation: tabou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: pressure of business
多忙な: tabouna: busy
多忙である: taboudearu: be occupied with, have much to do
多忙を極める: tabouokiwameru: be pressed by work, be busy as a bee <<<
多忙の為: tabounotame: on account of the pressure of business <<<


pronunciation: tabun
kanji characters: ,
translation: probably, presumably, perhaps, maybe, (most) likely, I dare say
多分の: tabunnno: considerable, a great deal of
多分に: tabunnni: much, highly, greatly, to a great extent


pronunciation: tachi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon , history
translation: long sword
太刀持ち: tachimochi: sword-bearer <<<
太刀を穿く: tachiohaku: bear a sword <<< 穿
太刀を抜く: tachionuku: pull the sword <<<
太刀魚: tachiuo: scabbard fish <<<
太刀打: tachiuchi: sword combat <<< , 剣道
太刀打出来る: tachiuchidekiru: be a good match, can rival sb. <<< 出来
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