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pronunciation: taisha
kanji characters: 退 ,
keyword: job
translation: retirement from a company, office-leaving
退社する: taishasuru: retire from a company, leave office, get away from work
退社時間: taishajikan: office-leaving time <<< 時間
check also: 退職


pronunciation: taishi
kanji characters: , 使
keyword: politics , travel
translation: ambassador
大使館: taishikan: embassy <<<
大使館員: taishikannin: member of the embassy staff <<<
大使夫人: taishihujin: ambassadress <<< 夫人
移動大使: idoutaishi: roving ambassador <<< 移動
代理大使: dairitaishi: chargé d'affaires, ad interim <<< 代理
巡回大使: junkaitaishi: roving ambassador <<< 巡回
check also: 領事 , 公使


pronunciation: taishin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: earthquake-proofing
耐震の: taishinnno: earthquake-proof
耐震家屋: taishinkaoku: earthquake-proof building <<< 家屋
耐震建築: taishinkenchiku <<< 建築
check also: 地震


pronunciation: taisho
kanji characters: ,
translation: countermeasure
対処する: taishosuru: cope with, deal with
前向きに対処する: maemukinitaishosuru: deal with (the situation) positively [in a positive way] <<< 前向き
check also: 対応


pronunciation: taishoku
kanji characters: 退 ,
keyword: job
translation: retirement, resignation
退職する: taishokusuru: resign [leave, vacate] an office, retire from office [service]
退職者: taishokusha: retired employee, person who has left the company <<<
退職金: taishokukin: retiring allowance, discharge allowance <<<
退職手当: taishokuteate <<< 手当
退職勧告: taishokukankoku: advice to resign <<< 勧告
退職奨励: taishokushourei: encouragement to retire <<< 奨励
退職官吏: taishokukanri: retired official <<< 官吏
退職資金: taishokushikin: retirement fund <<< 資金
退職年金: taishokunenkin: retirement annuity <<< 年金
退職年限: taishokunengen: retirement age limit
希望退職: kiboutaishoku: voluntary retirement <<< 希望
check also: 退社


pronunciation: taishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: object (of an action)
対象的: taishouteki: objective <<<
課税対象: kazaitaishou: taxables <<< 課税
実験対象: jikkentaishou: experimental object <<< 実験


pronunciation: taishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: general, admiral, head, chief, master, boss
陸軍大将: rikuguntaishou: (full) general <<< 陸軍
海軍大将: kaiguntaishou: admiral <<< 海軍
餓鬼大将: gakidaishou: boss of the kids, cock of the school, bully <<< 餓鬼
check also: 将軍 , 中将 , 少将


pronunciation: taishou
kanji characters: ,
translation: contrast (n.), comparison, collation
対照する: taishousuru: contrast (v.), compare, collate
対照を成す: taishouonasu: form a contrast, be in contrast <<<
対照的: taishouteki: contrasting <<<
check also: 比較 , 相違


pronunciation: taishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shape
translation: symmetry
対称の: taishouno: symmetric, symmetrical
対称的: taishouteki <<<
対称的に: taishoutekini: symmetrically
非対称: hitaishou: asymmetry <<<
非対称の: hitaishouno: asymmetric, asymmetrical
非対称的: hitaishouteki <<<
check also: 対応


pronunciation: taishuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: people, mass, crowd
大衆向き: taishuumuki: popular <<<
大衆的: taishuuteki <<<
大衆化: taishuuka: popularization <<< , 普及
大衆化する: taishuukasuru: popularize
大衆紙: taishuushi: popular newspaper <<<
大衆文化: taishuubunka: pop culture <<< 文化
大衆社会: taishuushakai: mass society <<< 社会
大衆酒場: taishuusakaba: saloon, public house, pub <<< 酒場
大衆文学: taishuubungaku: popular [lowbrow] literature <<< 文学
大衆作家: taishuusakka: popular writer <<< 作家
大衆小説: taishuushousetsu: popular novel <<< 小説
大衆芸術: taishuugeijutsu: popular [folk] art <<< 芸術
一般大衆: ippantaishuu: public at large, general public <<< 一般
勤労大衆: kinroutaishuu: working masses <<< 勤労
check also: 民衆 , 群集

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