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pronunciation: taisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: gymnastics, gym, physical exercises
体操の: taisouno: gymnastic
体操する: taisousuru: practice gymnastics
体操着: taisougi: gym suit <<<
体操教師: taisoukyoushi: gymnastic teacher <<< 教師
体操器具: taisoukigu: gymnastic appliances <<< 器具
体操選手: taisousenshu: gymnast <<< 選手
体操チーム: taisouchiimu: gymnastic team <<< チーム
床体操: yukataisou: floor exercises <<<
新体操: shintaisou: rhythmic gymnastics <<<
器械体操: kikaitaisou: heavy gymnastics <<< 器械
美容体操: biyoutaisou: calisthenics <<< 美容
柔軟体操: juunantaisou: light gymnastics, calisthenics <<< 柔軟
リズム体操: rizumutaisou: rhythmic gymnastics <<< リズム
ラジオ体操: rajiotaisou: radio gymnastics <<< ラジオ


pronunciation: taitei
kanji characters: ,
translation: in general, mostly, chiefly, mainly, almost, nearly
大抵の: taiteino: general, most
大抵の人: taiteinohito: most people <<<
大抵の場合: taiteinobaai: in most case, generally <<< 場合
大抵何時も: taiteiitsumo: almost always <<< 何時


pronunciation: taiteki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: powerful [formidable] enemy, great rival
油断大敵: yudantaiteki: Security is the greatest enemy <<< 油断


pronunciation: taiwan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: china
translation: Taiwan, Formosa
台湾の: taiwannno: Taiwanese (a.)
台湾人: taiwanjin: Taiwanese (people) <<<
台湾島: taiwantou: Taiwan Island <<<
台湾海峡: taiwankaikyou: Taiwan Strait <<< 海峡


pronunciation: taiyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show , job
translation: important duty [part]
大役を演じる: taiyakuoenjiru: play an important role <<<
大役を果す: taiyakuohatasu: perform an important duty <<<
大役を仰せ付かる: taiyakuooosetsukaru: be charged with an important task, be cast for an important duty


pronunciation: taiyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: translation given [printed] side by side with the original
check also: 翻訳


pronunciation: taiyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: oceania , sea
translation: ocean
大洋の: taiyouno: oceanic, marine
大洋州: taiyoushuu: Oceania <<<
check also: 海洋 , 遠洋 , オセアニア


pronunciation: taiyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: sun
太陽の: taiyouno: solar
太陽が上る: taiyouganoboru: The sun rises <<<
太陽が昇る: taiyouganoboru <<<
太陽が沈む: taiyougashizumu: The sun sets <<<
太陽の光: taiyounohikari: sun light <<<
太陽灯: taiyoutou: sun-lamp <<<
太陽炉: taiyouro: solar furnace <<<
太陽系: taiyoukei: solar system <<<
太陽年: taiyounen: solar year <<<
太陽暦: taiyoureki: solar calendar <<<
太陽の黒点: taiyounokokuten: sunspot <<< 黒点
太陽光線: taiyoukousen: solar beam, sunbeam <<< 光線
太陽電池: taiyoudenchi: solar battery <<< 電池
太陽観測: taiyoukansoku: helioscopy, solar observation <<< 観測
太陽エネルギー: taiyouenerugii: solar energy <<< エネルギー
灼熱の太陽: shakunetsunotaiyou: burning sun <<< 灼熱
synonyms: , サン
check also: ソーラー


pronunciation: taizai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: stay (n.), sojourn (n.)
滞在する: taizaisuru: stay (v.), stop (v.), sojourn (v.), remain (v.)
滞在地: taizaichi: place of sojourn <<<
滞在先: taizaisaki: place [address] of stay [sojourn], place where you stay <<<
滞在費: taizaihi: cost of sojourn <<<
滞在客: taizaikyaku: guest, sojourner <<<
滞在許可: taizaikyoka: residence permit <<< 許可
滞在許可証: taizaikyokashou: residency permit, green card <<<
滞在日数: taizainissuu: length of one's stay <<< 日数
滞在期間: taizaikikan <<< 期間
不法滞在: huhoutaizai: illegal residence <<< 不法
長期滞在: choukitaizai: long [prolonged] stay <<< 長期
synonyms: 居留 , 駐在


pronunciation: takagari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird
translation: hawking, falconry
鷹狩をする: takagariosuru: hunt with a hawk
check also: 鷹匠

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