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pronunciation: tango
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: word
単語集: tangoshuu: collection of words, wordbook <<<
英単語: eitango: English word [vocabulary] <<<
check also: 語彙


pronunciation: tanima
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: valley, ravine, gorge
check also: 峡谷


pronunciation: tanin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: unrelated person, stranger, outsider, others
他人扱いする: taninnatsukaisuru: trait a person like a stranger <<<
他人行儀: taningyougi: reserved manners <<< 行儀
他人行儀にする: taningyouginisuru: be reserved, stand on ceremony (toward a person)
他人の空似: taninnnosorani: coincidental resemblance
赤の他人: akanotanin: utter [total] stranger <<<


pronunciation: tanjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fest , life
translation: birth, nativity
誕生する: tanjousuru: be born
誕生を祝う: tanjouoiwau: celebrate the birth (of) <<<
誕生祝: tanjouiwai: celebration of one's birthday
誕生地: tanjouchi: one's birthplace <<<
誕生日: tanjoubi: birthday, birth anniversary <<<
誕生日御目出度う: tanjoubiomedetou: happy birthday
synonyms: 生誕 , 出生


pronunciation: tanjun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , science
translation: simplicity
単純な: tanjunnna: simple, simple-hearted, simple-minded, elementary, primitive
単純化: tanjunka: simplification <<<
単純化する: tanjunkasuru: simplify
単純骨折: tanjunkossetsu: simple fracture <<< 骨折
check also: 複雑


pronunciation: tanka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature , japan
translation: 31-syllable Japanese poem, tanka
check also: 和歌


pronunciation: tanka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: carbonization
炭化する: tankasuru: carbonize (vi.)
炭化させる: tankasaseru: carbonize (vt.)
炭化物: tankabutsu: carbide <<<
炭化水素: tankasuiso: hydrocarbon <<< 水素
炭化カルシウム: tankakarushiumu: calcium carbide <<< カルシウム


pronunciation: tanka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: unit price [cost]
単価百円: tankahyakuen: hundred yen a piece


pronunciation: tanka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: stretcher, litter
担架で運ぶ: tankadehakobu: carry (a person) on a stretcher <<<


pronunciation: tankan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: bile duct
check also: 胆嚢

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