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pronunciation: tawashi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: utensil
translation: scrubbing [scrub] brush
束子で擦る: tawashidekosuru: scrub with a scrubbing brush <<<
check also: ブラシ


pronunciation: tayou
kanji characters: ,
translation: variety, diversity
多様性: tayousei <<<
多様な: tayouna: various, diverse, manifold
多様化: tayouka: diversification <<<
多様化する: tayoukasuru: diversify
synonyms: 色々 , 様々


pronunciation: teZukuri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: homemade cooking [article]
手作りの: teZukurino: handmade (a.), homemade
手作り料理: teZukuriryouri: homemade cooking <<< 料理
手作りのパン: teZukurinopan: homemade bread <<< パン


pronunciation: tearai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: hand-washing, washstand, toilet, washroom, lavatory
手洗い場: tearaiba: washstand, toilet, washroom, lavatory <<<
手洗い所: tearaijo <<<
手洗い水: tearaisui: water for hand-washing <<<
手洗い鉢: tearaibachi: washbowl, washbasin <<<
check also: トイレット , 便所


pronunciation: teate
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , medicine
translation: (medical) treatment, dressing, allowance, expense
手当する: teatesuru: treat, nurse
手当てを与える: teateoataeru: give an allowance, tip (v.) <<<
手当てを受ける: teateoukeru: receive a medical treatment <<<
地域手当: chiikiteate: area allowance <<< 地域
通勤手当: tsuukinteate: commutation allowance <<< 通勤
夜勤手当: yakinteate: nightwork allowance <<< 夜勤
別居手当: bekkyoteate: alimony, separate maintenance <<< 別居
失業手当: shitsugyouteate: unemployment benefit, pay <<< 失業
扶養手当: huyouteate: family allowance <<< 扶養
解雇手当: kaikoteate: dismissal [discharge] allowance <<< 解雇
休職手当: kyuushokuteate: waiting pay <<< 休職
超過勤務手当: choukakinmuteate: overtime allowance <<< 超過
危険手当: kikenteate: danger allowance <<< 危険
期末手当: kimatsuteate: term-end allowance <<< 期末
家族手当: kazokuteate: family allowance <<< 家族
特別手当: tokubetsuteate: special allowance, bonus <<< 特別
残業手当: zangyouteate: overtime pay [allowance] <<< 残業
退職手当: taishokuteate: retiring allowance, discharge allowance <<< 退職
職務手当: shokumuteate: allowance attached to a post <<< 職務
児童手当: jidouteate: child allowance <<< 児童
住居手当: juukyoteate: housing allowance <<< 住居
住宅手当: juutakuteate: housing allowance <<< 住宅


pronunciation: tebukuro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accessory
translation: glove
手袋をする: tebukuroosuru: put on gloves
手袋を填めるて: bukuroohameru <<<
手袋をした: tebukurooshita: gloved
手袋を取る: tebukurootoru: put off gloves <<<
手袋を外す: tebukuroohazusu <<<
長手袋: nagatebukuro: gauntlet <<<


pronunciation: techigai , techigae
kanji characters: ,
translation: accident, mistake, hitch
手違いで: techigaide: by mistake
手違が生じる: techigaigashoujiru: go amiss [wrong] <<<
check also: 間違 , エラー


pronunciation: techou
kanji characters: ,
translation: pocketbook, notebook
警察手帳: keisatsutechou: policeman's pocketbook <<< 警察
母子手帳: boshitechou: maternity passbook <<< 母子
電子手帳: denshitechou: electronic organizer, personal digital assistant, PDA <<< 電子


pronunciation: tegakari
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 手懸り
translation: hold, clue, key
手掛りを得る: tegakarioeru: get one the track (of), find a clue (to), find the trace (of) <<<
手掛りを掴む: tegakariotsukamu <<<


pronunciation: tegami
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: letter, note
手紙で: tegamide: by letter
手紙を出す: tegamiodasu: send a letter <<<
手紙を書く: tegamiokaku: write a letter <<<
問合せの手紙: toiawasenotegami: letter of inquiry <<< 問合せ
言訳の手紙: iiwakenotegami: letter of apology <<< 言訳
check also: 葉書 , メール

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