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pronunciation: tejou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: handcuffs (n.), cuffs, manacles
手錠をする: tejouosuru: handcuff (v.)
手錠を掛ける: tejouokakeru <<<


pronunciation: tejun
kanji characters: ,
translation: process, procedures, arrangements, program
手順良く: tejunnyoku: smoothly, without a hitch <<<
手順が狂う: tejungakuruu: go wrong <<<
手順を狂わせる: tejunnokuruwaseru: upset a person's plan
手順を定める: tejunnosadameru: arrange (for), prepare a program (for) <<<
手順が悪い: tejungawarui: be misarranged <<<


pronunciation: tekido
kanji characters: ,
translation: moderation
適度な: tekidona: moderate, temperate, a proper amount of
適度に: tekidoni: moderately, temperately, in moderation
適度にする: tekidonisuru: be moderate (in), use moderation (in)
check also: 適当


pronunciation: tekisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: aptitude
適性の有る: tekiseinoaru: apt to, suitable for <<<
適性検査: tekiseikensa: aptitude test <<< 検査
check also: 適正


pronunciation: tekisei
kanji characters: ,
translation: justness, appropriateness
適正な: tekiseina: proper, appropriate, just
適正価格: tekiseikakaku: reasonable price <<< 価格
check also: 適切 , 適当 , 適性


pronunciation: tekisetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: moral
translation: adequacy, pertinence, aptness
適切な: tekisetsuna: adequate, appropriate, pertinent, fit, apt
適切に: tekisetsuni: adequately, appropriately, pertinently
不適切: hutekisetsu: unsuitableness, inadequacy <<<
不適切な: hutekisetsuna: unfit (to, for), inappropriate, unsuitable, inadequate
synonyms: 適正 , 適当


pronunciation: tekitou
kanji characters: ,
translation: suitability, adequacy
適当な: tekitouna: fit (for), suitable (to, for), proper, adequate, appropriate, competent (to do, for a task)
適当な時に: tekitounatokini: at a [the] proper time [season] <<<
適当に: tekitouni: suitably, properly, adequately
適当する: tekitousuru: suit, fit, to be fit for
適当と認める: tekitoutomitomeru: think (it) fit [proper] <<<
適当と思う: tekitoutoomou <<<


pronunciation: tekiyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: application
適用する: tekiyousuru: apply (a rule to)
適用しうる: tekiyoushiuru: applicable
適用を誤る: tekiyouoayamaru: misapply <<<
適用出来ない: tekiyoudekinai: inapplicable <<< 出来


pronunciation: tekkai
kanji characters: ,
translation: withdrawal, retraction
撤回する: tekkaisuru: withdraw, retract
動議を撤回する: dougiotekkaisuru: withdraw a motion <<< 動議


pronunciation: tekken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: clenched fist
鉄拳を加える: tekkennokuwaeru: strike (a person) with one's fist <<<
鉄拳を振う: tekkennohuruu <<<
鉄拳制裁: tekkenseisai: fist punishment <<< 制裁
check also: 拳骨

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