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pronunciation: tentou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: insect , christianity
translation: way of Heaven, Providence
天道虫: tentoumushi: ladybird, ladybug <<<


pronunciation: tenugui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: towel, washcloth
手拭で拭く: tenuguidehuku: dry (one's hands) on a towel, dry oneself with a towel <<<
手拭を絞る: tenuguioshiboru: wring the washcloth <<<
手拭掛け: tenuguikake: towel horse [rack] <<<
手拭地: tenuguiji: toweling <<<
check also: タオル


pronunciation: teori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: handweaving
手織の: teorino: hand-woven, homespun (a.)
手織物: teorimono: homespun (n.) <<<
手織木綿: teorimomen: hand-woven [homespun] cotton cloth <<< 木綿


pronunciation: teoshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: hand working [operating]
手押車: teoshiguruma: handcart, pushcart <<<
手押ポンプ: teoshiponpu: manual fire engine, hand pump, hand operated pump <<< ポンプ
check also: マニュアル


pronunciation: teppan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: utensil
translation: iron [steel] plate, hot plate
鉄板焼き: teppannyaki: food roasted on a griddle <<<


pronunciation: teppei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: withdrawal of troops, evacuation
撤兵する: teppeisuru: withedraw troops (from), evacuate (a place)
check also: 撤退 , 撤収


pronunciation: teppou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: gun
鉄砲を撃つ: teppououtsu: shoot a gun <<<
鉄砲を担ぐ: teppouokatsugu: shoulder the gun <<<
鉄砲玉: teppoudama: bullet <<<
鉄砲傷: teppoukizu: bullet [gunshot] wound <<<
鉄砲水: teppoumizu: flash flood <<< , 洪水
check also: 拳銃 , ピストル


pronunciation: terasen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: rent of a gambling house


pronunciation: teriyaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese food
translation: fish broiled with soy
照焼にする: teriyakinisuru: broil (fish) with soy
check also: 醤油


pronunciation: tesaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: one's hands, one's fingers, manual dexterity, tool, cat's paw, limb, minion, agent
手先に成る: tesakininaru: become one's tool <<<
手先が器用な: tesakigakiyouna: dexterous, deft-handed <<< 器用
check also: 子分 , スパイ

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