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pronunciation: tsuika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , business
translation: addition, supplement (n.)
追加の: tsuikano: additional, supplementary
追加する: tsuikasuru: add, supplement (v.)
追加予算: tsuikayosan: supplementary budget <<< 予算
追加条項: tsuikajoukou: added article
追加支払: tsuikashiharai: additional payment <<< 支払
追加注文: tsuikachuumon: additional order <<< 注文


pronunciation: tsuikyuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: pursuit, chase
追求する: tsuikyuusuru: pursue, chase, seek after
利潤の追求: rijunnnotsuikyuu: pursuit of profits <<< 利潤


pronunciation: tsuioku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: reminiscence, remembrance, retrospection, memory
追憶する: tsuiokusuru: remember, recollect, recall
追憶に耽る: tsuiokunihukeru: reminisce (about)
check also: 思い出 , 回想


pronunciation: tsuiraku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: fall (n.), downfall, drop, crash
墜落する: tsuirakusuru: fall (v.), drop, fall to the ground, crash
check also: 落下


pronunciation: tsuishin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: postscript
check also: 後書


pronunciation: tsuitate
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: screen, portable partitions
synonyms: 屏風


pronunciation: tsukaikata
kanji characters: 使 ,
translation: how to use, usage, application, treatment
synonyms: 用法


pronunciation: tsukaimono
kanji characters: 使 ,
other spells: 遣い物
translation: usefulness, utility, gift
使い物に成らない: tsukaimononinaranai: be of no use, be useless <<<
synonyms: 贈物 , プレゼント , ギフト


pronunciation: tsukaisute
kanji characters: 使 ,
keyword: business
translation: disposable, throwaway
使い捨ての: tsukaisuteno
使い捨て瓶: tsukaisutebin: throwaway bottle <<<
使い捨て包装: tsukaisutehousou: throwaway packing <<< 包装
使い捨てライター: tsukaisuteraitaa: disposable [throwaway] lighter <<< ライター
使い捨てカメラ: tsukaisutekamera: disposable [throwaway] camera <<< カメラ


pronunciation: tsukemono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese food
translation: pickled vegetables
漬物にする: tsukemononisuru: pickle vegetables
漬物を漬ける: tsukemonootsukeru <<<
synonyms: 新香

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