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pronunciation: taika
kanji characters: 退 ,
keyword: biology
translation: degeneration, retrogression, atrophy, devolution
退化する: taikasuru: degenerate, retrograde, regress, be atrophied
退化器官: taikakikan: reduced organ <<< 器官
antonyms: 進化


pronunciation: taikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , sport
translation: great [grand, mass, general] meeting, convention, congress, rally, tournament
大会の: taikaino: congressional, conventional
大会を開く: taikaiohiraku: organize a great [grand, mass, general] meeting <<<
党大会: toutaikai: party [political] convention <<<
区民大会: kumintaikai: ward rally <<< 区民
町民大会: choumintaikai: town meeting <<< 町民
五輪大会: gorintaikai: Olympic game, Olympics <<< 五輪
花火大会: hanabitaikai: fireworks display [exhibition] <<< 花火
市民大会: shimintaikai: mass meeting of citizens <<< 市民
年次大会: nenjitaikai: annual convention <<< 年次
民衆大会: minshuutaikai: moot, people's assembly, popular assembly, public meeting <<< 民衆
水泳大会: suieitaikai: swimming meet <<< 水泳
職場大会: shokubataikai: workshop rally <<< 職場
政党大会: seitoutaikai: party convention <<< 政党
オリンピック大会: orinpikkutaikai <<< オリンピック
アジア大会: ajiataikai: Asian Games <<< アジア
check also: 集会 , ミーティング


pronunciation: taikai
kanji characters: 退 ,
keyword: sport , amusement
translation: withdrawal from the membership
退会する: taikaisuru: secede [withdraw] from, leave, cease to be a member
退会者: taikaisha: withdrawing [seceding] member, seceder <<<
退会届: taikaitodoke: notice of withdrawal <<<
check also: 入会


pronunciation: taikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: opposite angle
対角線: taikakusen: diagonal line <<<
対角線の: taikakusennno: diagonal (a.)
対角線を引く: taikakusennohiku: draw a diagonal line <<<


pronunciation: taikan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: coronation
戴冠式: taikanshiki: coronation ceremony <<<


pronunciation: taikei
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 体形
keyword: body
translation: one's figure, corpulence


pronunciation: taikei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: outline, system
体系的: taikeiteki: systematical <<<
体系的に: taikeitekini: systematically
体系付ける: taikeiZukeru: systematize <<<
体系化する: taikeikasuru <<<
体系を作る: taikeiotsukuru: formulate a system <<<
給与体系: kyuuyotaikei: wage system <<< 給与
価値体系: kachitaikei: value system, system of values <<< 価値
check also: システム


pronunciation: taiken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life , computer
translation: experience (n.)
体験する: taikensuru: experience (v.)
体験談: taikendan: history of one's experience <<<
体験版: taikenban: demo version <<<
check also: 経験


pronunciation: taiketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , law
translation: confrontation
対決する: taiketsusuru: confront oneself (with)
対決させる: taiketsusaseru: confront sb. with sb., bring (a person) face to face (with)
力の対決: chikaranotaiketsu: confrontation of force <<<


pronunciation: taiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: atmosphere, air
大気の: taikino: atmospheric
大気圧: taikiatsu: atmospheric pressure <<<
大気圏: taikiken: atmosphere, atmospheric sphere <<<
大気圏外: taikikengai: outer space <<<
大気汚染: taikiosen: air pollution <<< 汚染
check also: 空気

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