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pronunciation: unkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship , airplane
translation: operation, service, navigation
運航する: unkousuru: operate, run, ply (between)
check also: 運行


pronunciation: unmei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: fate, fortune, destiny
運命付ける: unmeiZukeru: destine, doom <<<
運命的: unmeiteki: fatal, fateful, inevitable, unavoidable <<<
運命的に: unmeitekini: fatefully, inevitably, unavoidably
運命に従う: unmeinishitagau: bow to the inevitable <<<
運命に任せる: unmeinimakaseru <<<
運命と諦める: unmeitoakirameru: submit to one's fate <<<
運命に甘んじる: unmeiniamanjiru <<<
運命を決する: unmeiokessuru: decide the fate of <<<
運命を共にする: unmeiotomonisuru: share the fate with <<<
運命と戦う: unmeitotatakau: fight [defy] fate <<<
運命の悪戯: unmeinoitazura: irony of destiny <<< 悪戯
運命の女神: unmeinomegami: Goddess of Destiny <<< 女神
運命線: unmeisen: line of Saturn, Fate <<<
運命論: unmeiron: fatalism <<<
運命論者: unmeironsha: fatalist <<<
check also: 宿命


pronunciation: unnei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: administration, management, conduct
運営する: unneisuru: administer, manage, run
運営費: unneihi: operational [working] expenses <<<
運営資金: unneishikin <<< 資金
運営委員会: unneiiinkai: steering committee
synonyms: 管理


pronunciation: unnyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: employment, application, use, investment
運用する: unnyousuru: employ, apply, use, work, invest
資産運用: shisannunnyou: management of one's assets <<< 資産


pronunciation: unnyu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: transport, transportation
運輸量: unnyuryou: traffic <<<
運輸省: unnyushou: ministry of transport <<<
運輸大臣: unnyudaijin: minister of transport <<< 大臣
運輸会社: unnyugaisha: carrier <<< 会社
運輸機関: unnyukikan: means of transportation <<< 機関
運輸協定: unnyukyoutei: traffic agreement <<< 協定
水上運輸: suijouunnyu: transportation by water <<< 水上
check also: 輸送 , 運送


pronunciation: unpan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: transport (n.), transportation, conveyance
運搬する: unpansuru: carry, transport (v.), convey
運搬費: unpanhi: carriage, cartage <<< , 運賃
運搬人: unpannnin: porter, carrier <<<
check also: 運送


pronunciation: unsou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: transport, transportation, conveyance, shipment
運送する: unsousuru: transport (v.), convey, carry, ship
運送業: unsougyou: express [forwarding] business, carrying trade <<<
運送業者: unsougyousha: express [forwarding] agent <<< 業者
運送会社: unsougaisha: carrier company, shipper, haulier, forwarding agency, haulage firm <<< 会社
運送店: unsouten: express [forwarding] agency <<<
運送屋: unsouya <<<
運送人: unsounin: carrier <<<
運送船: unsousen: transport ship, cargo boat <<<
運送状: unsoujou: waybill, carriage note, consignment note <<<
運送費: unsouhi: cost of transport, carriage, express charges <<< , 送料
運送料: unsouryou <<<
運送保険: unsouhoken: transport insurance <<< 保険
水上運送: suijouunsou: transportation by water <<< 水上
貨物運送: kamotsuunsou: freight transport <<< 貨物
check also: 運輸 , 輸送 , 運搬


pronunciation: unten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: drive (n.), driving, operation, running, working
運転する: untensuru: drive (v.), run, operate, steer, move
運転手: untenshu: driver, chauffeur, cabman, motorist <<< , ドライバー
運転士: untenshi: engineer, operator, motorman <<<
運転台: untendai: driver's cabin <<<
運転席: untenseki: driver's seat <<<
運転免許: untenmenkyo: driver license <<< 免許
運転免許証: untenmenkyoshou <<<
運転休止: untenkyuushi: suspension of the service <<< 休止
運転間隔: untenkankaku: headway, interval between two trains [buses] <<< 間隔
運転系統: untenkeitou: bus [train] routes <<< 系統
運転技術: untengijutsu: driving skill <<< 技術
運転資金: untenshikin: working fund [capital] <<< 資金
運転資本: untenshihon <<< 資本
試運転: shiunten: trial run [trip], test working <<<
試運転をする: shiuntennosuru: make a trial run
居眠運転する: inemuriuntensuru: doze (off) at the wheel, drive (a car) asleep <<< 居眠
飲酒運転: inshuunten: drunk-driving <<< 飲酒
酔払運転: yopparaiunten: drunk driving <<< 酔払
自動車を運転する: jidoushaountensuru: drive a car <<< 自動車
check also: ドライブ


pronunciation: unubore
kanji characters: ,
translation: self-conceit, vanity
自惚れる: unuboreru: be vain (of), be self-conceited, have a high opinion of oneself, flatter oneself
自惚れた: unuboreta: self-conceited, vainglorious, cocky
自惚れの強い: unuborenotsuyoi <<<
check also: 高慢 , 傲慢


pronunciation: uragawa
kanji characters: ,
translation: hidden side, back (side)
月の裏側: tsukinouragawa: back [hidden] side of the moon <<<

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