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pronunciation: uwaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: fickleness, inconsistence, unfaithfulness
浮気な: uwakina: fickle, wanton, inconstant, unfaithful
浮気をする: uwakiosuru: have an amour [affair] with, be unfaithful
浮気者: uwakimono: inconstant lover <<<
浮気女: uwakionnna: fickle [wanton] woman, coquette <<<
浮気心: uwakigokoro: fickleness, unfaithfulness <<<
check also: 不倫


pronunciation: uwame
kanji characters: ,
translation: upward glance
上目を使う: uwameotsukau: cast an upward glance (at) <<< 使
上目で見る: uwamedemiru <<<
上目使いで見る: uwameZukaidemiru: look at (a person) from under (one's) brows


pronunciation: uwamuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: uptrend, upward, upward tendency
上向市場: uwamukishijou: uptrend market <<< 市場
上向く: uwamuku: turn [look] upward, show an upward [a rising] tendency, tend upward, look [pick] up
check also: 仰向


pronunciation: uyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: right wing, right field, rightist, right-winger
右翼の: uyokuno: rightist
右翼的: uyokuteki <<<
右翼手: uyokushu: right fielder (in baseball) <<<
右翼団体: uyokudantai: rightist [right-wing] organization <<< 団体
右翼分子: uyokubunshi: right-wing element <<< 分子
check also: 左翼


pronunciation: uzumaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , art
translation: whirlpool, eddy, vortex
渦巻く: uzumaku: whirl, swirl (v.)
渦巻状: uzumakijou: volution, swirl (n.) <<<
渦巻形: uzumakigata <<<
渦巻管: uzumakikan: cochlea <<<
渦巻線: uzumakisen: spiral <<<
渦巻発条: uzumakibane: spiral spring <<< 発条
渦巻模様: uzumakimoyou: scrollwork <<< 模様
渦巻ポンプ: uzumakiponpu: spiral pump <<< ポンプ
check also: 螺旋

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