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pronunciation: yunyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: import (n.), importation
輸入する: yunyuusuru: import (v.)
輸入品: yunyuuhin: imports, imported article <<<
輸入港: yunyuukou: import port <<<
輸入国: yunyuukoku: importing country <<<
輸入税: yunyuuzei: import duties <<<
輸入業: yunyuugyou: import business <<<
輸入商: yunyuushou: importer <<<
輸入業者: yunyuugyousha <<< 業者
輸入制限: yunyuuseigen: import restriction <<< 制限
輸入手形: yushutsutegata: import bill <<< 手形
並行輸入: heikouyunyuu: parallel import <<< 並行
check also: 輸出


pronunciation: yurai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: origin, source, cause, history
由来する: yuraisuru: originate (in), result (from), be derived (from)
由来書: yuraisho: history (document) <<<
synonyms: 起源 , ルーツ
check also: 原因


pronunciation: yuri
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ユリ
keyword: flower
translation: lily
百合の球根: yurinokyuukon: lily bulb <<< 球根
山百合: yamayuri: golden-banded lily <<<
鬼百合: oniyuri: tiger lily <<<
白百合: shirayuri: Easter lily <<<
海百合: umiyuri: crinoid <<<


pronunciation: yurikago
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 揺り籠
keyword: kids
translation: cradle, cot
揺籠から墓場まで: yurikagokarahakabamade: from the cradle to the grave <<< 墓場


pronunciation: yusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: material
translation: oiliness, greasiness
油性の: yuseino: oily, greasy
油性塗料: yuseitoryou: oil paint <<< 塗料


pronunciation: yushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: oils and fats
油脂工業: yushikougyou: oil and fats industry <<< 工業


pronunciation: yushutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: export (n.), exportation
輸出する: yushutsusuru: export (v.)
輸出税: yushutsuzei: export duties <<<
輸出額: yushutsugaku: exports, amount of export <<<
輸出港: yushutsukou: export port <<<
輸出品: yushutsuhin: exports, exported goods <<<
輸出業: yushutsugyou: export business (trade) <<<
輸出商: yushutsushou: exporter, export trader <<<
輸出業者: yushutsugyousha <<< 業者
輸出割当: yushutsuwariate: export quota <<< 割当
輸出手形: yushutsutegata: export bill <<< 手形
プラント輸出: purantoyushutsu: export of facilities <<< プラント
check also: 輸入


pronunciation: yusou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: transport (n.), transportation, conveyance
輸送する: yusousuru: transport (v.), convey, carry
輸送中: yusouchuu: in transit, on the way <<<
輸送機: yusouki: transport plane, sky truck <<<
輸送船: yusousen: transport ship, troopship <<<
輸送量: yusouryou: volume of traffic <<<
輸送力: yusouryoku: transport capacity, carrying power <<<
輸送手段: yusoushudan: means of transport <<< 手段
輸送機関: yusoukikan <<< 機関
輸送船団: yusousendan: convoy <<< 船団
陸上輸送: rikujouyusou: overland transportation <<< 陸上
軍隊輸送: guntaiyusou: military transport <<< 軍隊
高速輸送: kousokuyusou: high-speed transport <<< 高速
鉄道輸送: tetsudouyusou: railway transportation <<< 鉄道
海上輸送: kaijouyusou: marine transportation <<< 海上
河川輸送: kasennyusou: river transport [transportation] <<< 河川
貨物輸送: kamotsuyusou: freight transport <<< 貨物
複合輸送: hukugouyusou: combined transportation <<< 複合
旅客輸送: ryokakuyusou: passenger transportation <<< 旅客
コンテナ輸送: kontenayusou: containerization <<< コンテナ
コンテナ輸送する: kontenayusousuru: containerize <<< コンテナ
トラック輸送: torakkuyusou: trucking <<< トラック
check also: 運輸 , 運送


pronunciation: yuuai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: friendship, fellowship, fraternity
友愛結婚: yuuaikekkon: companionate marriage <<< 結婚


pronunciation: yuubi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: grace, elegance
優美な: yuubina: graceful, elegant <<< エレガント
check also: 優雅 , 秀麗 , エレガンス

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