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pronunciation: yuubin
kanji characters: , 便
keyword: transport , communication
translation: post, mail
郵便の: yuubinnno: postal
郵便で: yuubinde: by mail (post)
郵便箱: yuubinbako: postbox, mailbox <<<
郵便局: yuubinkyoku: post office <<<
郵便局員: yuubinkyokuin: mail [mailing, postal] clerk <<<
郵便局長: yuubinkyokuchou: postmaster <<< 局長
郵便料: yuubinryou: postage, postal charges <<<
郵便料金: yuubinryoukin <<< 料金
郵便貯金: yuubinchokin: postal savings <<< 貯金
郵便番号: yuubinbangou: postcode, zip code <<< 番号
郵便為替: yuubinkawase: postal order, money order <<< 為替
郵便配達: yuubinhaitatsu: postal delivery, postman <<< 配達
郵便小包: yuubinkoZutsumi: parcel post <<< 小包
郵便葉書: yuubinhagaki: postal card, postcard <<< 葉書
郵便ポスト: yuubinposuto: pillar box, mailbox, letter drop <<< ポスト
速達郵便: sokutatsuyuubin: special delivery mail, express delivery post <<< 速達
書留郵便: kakitomeyuubin: registered letter <<< 書留
小包郵便: koZutsumiyuubin: parcel post <<< 小包
年賀郵便: nengayuubin: New Year's mail <<< 年賀
普通郵便: hutsuuyuubin: ordinary mail [post] <<< 普通
check also: 手紙 , メール


pronunciation: yuudachi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: rain shower
夕立が来る: yuudachigakuru: There is a shower coming <<<
夕立に遭う: yuudachiniau: be caught in [overtaken by] a shower <<<
synonyms: 通り雨
check also: 雷雨


pronunciation: yuudai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: magnificence, splendor
雄大な: yuudaina: magnificent, splendid, imposing
雄大な眺め: yuudainanagame: magnificent view, grand sight <<<


pronunciation: yuudan
kanji characters: ,
translation: manly decision, decisive measure [step]
勇断を下す: yuudannokudasu: make a decisive step <<<


pronunciation: yuudan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: grade holder, black belt (in judo)
有段者: yuudansha <<<
check also: 黒帯


pronunciation: yuudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , physics , electricity
translation: guidance, leading, induction
誘導する: yuudousuru: guide, lead
誘導係: yuudougakari: usher <<<
誘導体: yuudoutai: derivative, conductor <<<
誘導弾: yuudoudan: guided missile <<<
誘導ミサイル: yuudoumisairu <<< ミサイル
誘導尋問: yuudoujinmon: leading question, interrogation <<< 尋問
誘導電流: yuudoudenryuu: induced current <<< 電流
誘導電気: yuudoudenki: induced electricity <<< 電気
誘導装置: yuudousouchi: guidance system <<< 装置
誘導コイル: yuudoukoiru: induction coil <<< コイル
ミサイル誘導: misairuyuudou: missile guidance <<< ミサイル


pronunciation: yuuen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement , kids
translation: promenade in a garden
遊園する: yuuensuru: stroll in a garden
遊園地: yuuenchi: amusement park, playground, pleasure ground, theme park <<<
check also: 公園 , 庭園


pronunciation: yuuga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: grace, elegance
優雅な: yuugana: graceful, elegant
優雅に: yuugani: gracefully, elegantly
check also: 優美 , エレガント , エレガンス


pronunciation: yuugai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: harmfulness
有害な: yuugaina: harmful, toxic, poisonous
有害である: yuugaidearu: do harm, be harmful (injurious) to
有害物質: yuugaibusshitsu: contaminant, harmful substance, pollutant <<< 物質
check also: 無害


pronunciation: yuugata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: evening
夕方に: yuugatani: toward evening, in the evening, at dusk
antonyms: 朝方
check also: 夕暮 , 黄昏

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