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pronunciation: yuujin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , love
translation: friend
友人に成る: yuujinnninaru: make friends with <<<
友人が多い: yuujingaooi: be a good mixer <<<
check also: 友達


pronunciation: yuujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: friendship
友情の有る: yuujounoaru: friendly <<<
友情の無い: yuujounonai: unfriendly <<<
友情に厚い: yuujouniatsui: be cordial in friendship, be kind of one's friend <<<
友情を以って: yuujouomotte: with friendship, in a friendly manner <<<
check also: 友好


pronunciation: yuukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: abduction, kidnapping
誘拐する: yuukaisuru: abduct
誘拐犯: yuukaihan: abductor, kidnapper <<<
誘拐者: yuukaisha <<<
誘拐事件: yuukaijiken: kidnapping (snatch) case <<< 事件
check also: 拉致 , 誘惑


pronunciation: yuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: evening paper, evening edition
check also: 朝刊


pronunciation: yuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: bravery, courage, valor
勇敢な: yuukannna: brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, manly
勇敢に: yuukannni: bravely, courageously, heroically
勇敢に戦う: yuukannnitatakau: fight bravely [heroically] <<<
check also: 勇気 , 大胆


pronunciation: yuuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , biology
translation: organic matter
有機物: yuukibutsu <<<
有機の: yuukino: organic
有機的: yuukiteki: organic, systematic <<<
有機体: yuukitai: organism, organic body <<<
有機化学: yuukikagaku: organic chemistry <<< 化学
有機化合物: yuukikagoubutsu: organic compound
有機農業: yuukinougyou: organic farming [agriculture] <<< 農業
有機肥料: yuukihiryou: organic fertilizer <<< 肥料
antonyms: 無機


pronunciation: yuuki
kanji characters: ,
translation: bravery, courage, guts
勇気が有る: yuukigaaru: be brave [courageous] <<<
勇気の有る: yuukinoaru: courageous, brave, plucky, bold
勇気が無い: yuukiganai: be apprehensive, hesitate <<<
勇気の無い: yuukinonai: timid, apprehensive, coward
勇気を起こす: yuukiookosu: take courage [heart], muster [pluck] up courage, nerve oneself for <<<
勇気を出す: yuukiodasu <<<
勇気を奮う: yuukiohuruu <<<
勇気を無くす: yuukionakusu: lose courage [heart], become discouraged <<<
勇気を付ける: yuukiotsukeru: inspire with courage, encourage, cheer up <<<
勇気付ける: yuukiZukeru
勇気を挫く: yuukiokujiku: discourage, unnerve <<<
synonyms: 勇敢 , 度胸


pronunciation: yuukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , love
translation: friendship, amity, goodwill
友好的: yuukouteki: friendly, amicable, favorable <<<
友好的に: yuukoutekini: in a friendly way
友好国: yuukoukoku: friendly country <<<
友好条約: yuukoujouyaku: treaty of friendship <<< 条約
友好関係: yuukoukankei: friendly relation <<< 関係
友好関係を結ぶ: yuukoukankennomusubu: establish friendly relations with <<<


pronunciation: yuukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration , transport
translation: efficiency, efficacy, validity
有効な: yuukouna: effective, effectual, valid
有効である: yuukoudearu: be effective, hold good, remain valid
有効にする: yuukounisuru: validate
有効に成る: yuukouninaru: become effective, take effect <<<
有効期間: yuukoukikan: term of validity <<< 期間
有効投票: yuukoutouhyou: valid vote <<< 投票
有効射程: yuukoushatei: effective range
有効需要: yuukoujuyou: effective demand <<< 需要
有効証明: yuukoushoumei: certificate of validity <<< 証明
有効数字: yuukousuuji: significant figure <<< 数字
有効出力: yuukoushutsuryoku: effective power (capacity)
antonyms: 無効
check also: 効用


pronunciation: yuukyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: paid (job, vacation)
有給の: yuukyuuno: paid, salaried
有給休暇: yuukyuukyuuka: vacation with pay, paid holidays <<< 休暇
有給職員: yuukyuushokuin: staff member on the payroll <<< 職員

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