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pronunciation: yuumei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: fame, celebrity, notoriety
有名な: yuumeina: famous, noted, well-known, celebrated, renowned, illustrious, notorious
有名に成る: yuumeininaru: become famous, win [acquire, come to] fame, leap into fame, gain notoriety <<<
有名人: yuumeijin: celebrity, big-name (person) <<< , セレブ
有名税: yuumeizei: penalty of greatness <<<
有名校: yuumeikou: famous school <<<
synonyms: 著名
antonyms: 無名


pronunciation: yuunou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: ability, competence, talent
有能な: yuunouna: able, competent, talented, savvy
有能な士: yuunounashi: man of ability [parts], able man <<<
check also: 堪能


pronunciation: yuuran
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: sight-seeing, excursion, pleasure trip, sight-seeing tour
遊覧する: yuuransuru: go sight-seeing, do [see] the sights (of)
遊覧客: yuurankyaku: sightseer, holiday-maker, visitor, tourist <<<
遊覧船: yuuransen: pleasure boat <<<
遊覧地: yuuranchi: tourist resort <<<
遊覧案内: yuurannannnai: guidebook <<< 案内
遊覧案内所: yuurannannnaisho: tourist bureau <<<
遊覧旅行: yuuranryokou: round trip <<< 旅行
遊覧切符: yuurankippu: excursion ticket <<< 切符
遊覧飛行: yuuranhikou: sight-seeing flight <<< 飛行
遊覧バス: yuuranbasu: sight-seeing bus, charabanc <<< バス
check also: 遠足 , 観光 , ツアー


pronunciation: yuurei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: ghost, phantom, spook
幽霊の様な: yuureinoyouna: ghostly <<<
幽霊船: yuureisen: phantom ship <<<
幽霊会社: yuureigaisha: bogus company <<< 会社
幽霊屋敷: yuureiyashiki: haunted house <<< 屋敷
幽霊人口: yuureijinkou: ghost [bogus] population <<< 人口
synonyms: 亡霊 , 御化


pronunciation: yuuri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: advantage, vantage
有利な: yuurina: advantageous, favorable, profitable
有利に: yuurini: advantageously, favorably, profitably
antonyms: 不利


pronunciation: yuuryo
kanji characters: ,
translation: worry, anxiety, concern
憂慮する: yuuryosuru: worry (v.)
憂慮すべき: yuuryosubeki: grievous, grave
check also: 懸念 , 心配


pronunciation: yuuryoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: influence, importance, strength
有力な: yuuryokuna: influential, important, strong
有力者: yuuryokusha: man of influence <<<


pronunciation: yuuryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: charged (service)
有料の: yuuryouno: charged
有料道路: yuuryoudouro: toll road <<< 道路
有料便所: yuuryoubenjo: pay toilet <<< 便所
有料トイレ: yuuryoutoire <<< トイレ
有料駐車場: yuuryouchuushajou: toll parking
check also: 無料


pronunciation: yuusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: predominance, superiority, lead, favor, advantage
優勢な: yuuseina: dominant, superior, strong, favorable, advantageous
優勢である: yuuseidearu: be dominant (favorable, advantageous)
優勢に成る: yuuseininaru: gain in strength, gain an advantage over, gain ground <<<
優勢を保つ: yuuseiotamotsu: maintain a superior position (an advantage) over, have the edge on <<<
check also: 劣勢


pronunciation: yuusen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , transport
translation: priority, preference, privilege
優先の: yuusennno: prior, preferential, privileged
優先的な: yuusentekina <<<
優先的に: yuusekitekini: referentially
優先する: yuusensuru: precede, take precedence
優先株: yuusenkabu: preferred shares (stocks) <<<
優先権: yuusenken: prerogative, priority <<<
優先権が有る: yuusenkengaaru: have a priority <<<
優先権を与える: yuusenkennoataeru: give a priority <<<
優先権を得る: yuusenkennoeru: get a priority <<<

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