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pronunciation: yamaneko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: wild-cat
山猫争議: yamanekosougi: wildcat strike
大山猫: ooyamaneko: lynx <<<


pronunciation: yamanobori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , amusement
translation: mountaineering, mountain climbing
山登りをする: yamanoboriosuru: climb a mountain, go mountaineering
check also: 登山


pronunciation: yamanote
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 山の手
keyword: geography
translation: hilly section, residential quarter, uptown (n.)
山手の: yamanoteno: uptown (a.)
山手の人: yamanotenohito: uptowner, uptown inhabitant <<<
山手に住む: yamanotenisumu: live uptown <<<
山手線: yamanotesen: Yamanote Line (in Tokyo) <<<


pronunciation: yamaoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: heart of a mountain
山奥に: yamaokuni: in the heart of a mountain


pronunciation: yamato
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: old name of Japan, old name of Nara prefecture
大和国: yamatonokuni <<<
大和絵: yamatoe: medieval Japanese painting <<<
大和魂: yamatodamashii: Japanese spirit, soul of Japan <<<
大和撫子: yamatonadeshiko: Japanese girl <<< 撫子
大和民族: yamatominzoku: Japanese race [people] <<< 民族
戦艦大和: senkannyamato: Battleship Yamato <<< 戦艦
check also: 奈良 , 日本


pronunciation: yamazoi
kanji characters: , 沿
keyword: geography
translation: along a mountain


pronunciation: yamori
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ヤモリ
keyword: reptile
translation: gecko, wall lizard


pronunciation: yane
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , construction
translation: roof
屋根瓦: yanegawara: roof tile <<<
屋根板: yaneita: shingle <<<
屋根屋: yaneya: roofer, thatcher <<<
屋根裏: yaneura: attic, garret <<<
屋根裏部屋: yaneurabeya <<< 部屋
屋根窓: yanemado: roof window, attic window, rooflight, skylight <<<
切妻屋根: kiriZumayane: gable [gabled, pitched, saddle] roof <<< 切妻
蒲鉾屋根: kamabokoyane: barrel [wagon] vault <<< 蒲鉾
スレートの屋根: sureetonoyane: slate roof <<< スレート
トタン屋根: totannyane: zinc roof <<< トタン
check also: 屋上


pronunciation: yarou
kanji characters: ,
translation: man, chap, fellow, guy, wretch, rascal, scoundrel
此の野郎: konoyarou: You dirty swine! <<<


pronunciation: yasai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: vegetable
translation: vegetable, green
野菜食: yasaishoku: vegetable diet <<<
野菜料理: yasairyouri <<< 料理
野菜畑: yasaibatake: vegetable [kitchen] garden <<<
野菜スープ: yasaisuupu: vegetable soup <<< スープ
野菜サラダ: yasaisarada: vegetable salad <<< サラダ
生野菜: namayasai: raw vegetables, crudités <<<
清浄野菜: seijouyasai: water-cultured vegetables <<< 清浄
乾燥野菜: kansouyasai: dry [dehydrated] vegetables <<< 乾燥
貯蔵野菜: chozouyasai: preserved vegetable <<< 貯蔵
冷凍野菜: reitouyasai: refrigerated [frozen] vegetable <<< 冷凍

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