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pronunciation: zetsumyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: marvel, prodigy
絶妙の: zetsumyouno: most admirable, exquisite, superb, subtle
synonyms: 驚異


pronunciation: zettai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics , politics
translation: absoluteness
絶対の: zettaino: absolute, unconditioned, unconditional
絶対に: zettaini: absolutely, unconditionally, positively
絶対数: zettaisuu: absolute value <<<
絶対値: zettaichi <<<
絶対善: zettaizen: absolute good <<<
絶対権: zettaiken: absolute right <<<
絶対温度: zettaiondo: absolute temperature <<< 温度
絶対零度: zettaireido: absolute zero
絶対安静: zettaiansei: complete rest
絶対多数: zettaitasuu: absolute majority <<< 多数
絶対主義: zettaishugi: absolutism <<< 主義
絶対主義者: zettaishugisha: absolutist <<<
絶対服従: zettaihukujuu: absolute obedience <<< 服従


pronunciation: zettaizetsumei
kanji characters: , , ,
translation: desperation
絶体絶命の: zettaizetsumeino: in desperation
絶体絶命に成る: zettaizetsumeininaru: be driven to desperation, get oneself into a bad fix, be reduced to the last resource <<<
絶体絶命の状態: zettaizetsumeinojoutai: desperate situation <<< 状態


pronunciation: zokkou
kanji characters: ,
translation: pursuit, proceeding, continuation
続行する: zokkousuru: continue, pursue, proceed, carry on


pronunciation: zokugo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: slang word [expression]
俗語で: zokugode: in the popular language


pronunciation: zokuraku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: market
translation: continual fall [drop] (in prices), continual sagging
続落する: zokurakusuru: continuously grow [drop]
check also: 続伸


pronunciation: zokusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: attribute


pronunciation: zokusetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: popular belief


pronunciation: zokushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: market
translation: continuous growth
続伸する: zokushinsuru: continuously grow
check also: 続落


pronunciation: zonji , zonchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: acknowledge (n.), acknowledgment
存知る: zonjiru: acknowledge (v.), know
御存知: gozonji: well known, famous <<< , 有名
御存知の通り: gozonjinotoori: as you know <<<
御存知の如く: gozonjinogotoku <<<
synonyms: 承知

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