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category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 10
translation: search, seek
捜す: sagasu: look for, seek [search] (for), look up, feel for
Kanji words: 捜査 , 捜索 , 宝捜し
Expressions: 粗を捜す , 粗捜し , 欠点を捜す , 仕事を捜す , 地図で捜す , 犯人を捜す , 行方を捜す
synonyms: , サーチ

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: shake, brandish, prosper (ext.), flourish
振う: huruu: shake, brandish, exercise, wield, use, be spirited, prosper, flourish <<<
振る: huru: shake, distribute (jp.)
振り: huri: manner (jp.), look
振り上げる: huriageru: fling [swing, lift] up, raise overhead <<<
振り落とす: huriotosu: shake off, throw off <<<
振り返る: hurikaeru: turn around, turn one's head, look back <<<
振り翳す: hurikazasu: hold aloft, brandish <<<
振り捨てる: hurisuteru: shake off, abandon, desert, forsake <<<
振り払う: huriharau: shake off, push away, tear oneself away (from) <<<
振り撒く: hurimaku: scatter, sprinkle, strew <<<
振り回す: hurimawasu: brandish, wave, wield, flourish, show off, abuse <<<
振り乱す: hurimidasu: shake one's hair loose <<<
振り向ける: hurimukeru: turn (vt.), direct (to), apply a thing to, appropriate <<<
振り向く: hurimuku: turn one's face [head], turn round [toward], look back <<<
Kanji words: 振興 , 振動 , 久し振り , 不振 , 振替 , 振掛 , 振込 , 振袖 , 振出 , 振付 , 身振り
Expressions: 力を振る , 尾を振る , 首を振る , 棒に振る , 勢いを振るう , 頭を振る , 賽を振る , 鞭を振る , 大手を振って , 仮名を振る , 振り仮名 , 学者振る , 学者振った , 賽子を振る , 尻尾を振る , 信心振る , 上品振る , 成績が振るわない , 体裁振る , 鉄拳を振う , 殿様振る , 暴力を振るう

category: common usage
keyword: road
nb of strokes: 10
translation: walk (org.), way, path, road, street
to, zu
途: michi: way, path, road, street
途んでもない: tondemonai: outrageous, fantastic, terrible, ridiculous, No kidding! No way! Anything but! Far from it! Not bloody likely
Kanji words: 一途 , 中途 , 途端 , 途中 , 冥途
Expressions: 帰宅の途につく

category: JIS1
keyword: construction
nb of strokes: 10
translation: nail, spike
tei, chou
釘: kugi
釘を打つ: kugioutsu: drive a nail <<<
釘を抜く: kugionuku: pull out a nail <<<
釘を刺す: kugiosasu: run [drive] a nail, remind [warn] (a person of, a person that) <<<
釘に掛ける: kuginikakeru: hang (a thing) on a peg <<<
釘の頭: kuginoatama: nailhead <<<
Kanji words: 釘付け
Expressions: 糠に釘

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 10
translation: icehouse (orig.), endure, bear, stand, tide [get] over, make shift, keep off, exceed, surpass, outdo, be superior, go ahead, invade, violate
凌ぐ: shinogu: endure, bear, stand, tide [get] over, make shift, keep off, exceed, surpass, outdo, be superior, go ahead
凌す: okasu: invade, violate
凌: himuro: icehouse
凌ぎ良い: shinogiii: mild (winter), genial (climate) <<<
凌ぎ難い: shinoginikui: intolerable, unbearable, trying, severe <<<
Expressions: 飢えを凌ぐ , 一時凌ぎ , 雨露を凌ぐ , 空腹を凌ぐ , 退屈を凌ぐ , 退屈凌ぎに , 当座凌ぎ

category: JIS1
keyword: weather
nb of strokes: 10
translation: cold, chilly, bleak, frightful, terrific, terrible, tremendous, uncanny, weird, ghastly, dreadful, horrible, wonderful, amazing, great, awful, enormous
凄い: samui: cold, chilly, bleak <<<
凄じい: susamajii: frightful, terrific, terrible, tremendous, awesome
凄じく: susamajiku: ghastlily, dreadfully, horribly, frightfully, terribly, awfully
凄じい勢いで: susamajiiikioide: with terrific force <<<
凄い: sugoi: uncanny, weird, ghastly, dreadful, horrible, frightful, wonderful, amazing, great, terrible, awful, enormous
凄く: sugoku: very awfully, terribly
凄い光: sugoihikari: lurid [ghastly] light <<<
凄い嵐: sugoiarashi: violent storm, fierce tempest <<<
凄い腕: sugoiude: singular [wonderful] ability [skill] <<<

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: shame, disgrace, dishonor, humiliation
恥: haji: shame, disgrace, dishonor, humiliation
恥を掻く: hajiokaku: be put to shame, disgrace [humiliate] oneself <<<
恥を掻かせる: hajiokakaseru: shame (a person), put (a person) to shame <<<
恥を晒す: hajiosarasu: disgrace oneself, make a fool [an ass] of oneself <<<
恥を忍ぶ: hajioshinobu: bear shame, swallow an insult <<<
恥を忍んで: hajioshinonde: stoop to do <<<
恥を雪ぐ: hajiososogu: clear oneself from a charge, have one's revenge <<<
恥じる: hajiru: be [feel ashamed]
恥ずかしい: hazukashii: be ashamed (of, that), be abashed, shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable
恥ずかしそうな: hazukashisouna: shy, bashful
恥ずかしそうに: hazukashisouni: shyly, bashfully
恥ずかしがる: hazukashigaru: be [feel] shy [bashful], be coy, be self-conscious
恥じらう: hajirau: be shy [bashful], blush

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: side, intimidate (bor.), terrify, threaten, menace, frighten, scare
kyou, kou
脅: waki: side, another place, some other place
脅かす: obiyakasu: threaten, intimidate, menace (n.), be a menace
脅す: odosu: intimidate, terrify, threaten, menace (v.), frighten, scare
脅かす: odokasu
脅し: odoshi: threat, menace, intimidation, bluff
Kanji words: 脅威

category: common usage
keyword: nature
nb of strokes: 10
translation: soak, dip, permeate, spread
浸す: hitasu: steep [dip] (a thing in), moisten (a thing with)
浸る: hitaru: be soaked [immersed, steeped (in), be plunged [submerged] (in), be addicted (to), indulge oneself (in)
浸: yaya: a little, a bit
浸みる: shimiru: soak (into), permeate, spread <<< , ,
Kanji words: 浸食 , 浸水 , 浸透
Expressions: 感慨に浸る , ソースに浸す

category: JIS2
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 10
translation: slaver, drivel, slobber
sen, zen, en
涎: yodare
涎を垂らす: yodareotarasu: drivel, slaver, salivate, run at the mouth, be envious (of) <<<
涎が出る: yodaregaderu <<<
涎が出そうな: yodaregadesouna: appetizing, tempting <<<
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