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category: common usage
other spells:
keyword: love
nb of strokes: 10
translation: love, affection
恋: koi: love (n.), affection
恋う: kou: love (v.), like, prefer
恋しい: koishii: dear, beloved
恋しがる: koishigaru: yearn
恋する: koisuru: love (v.), fall in love with, lose one's heart to
恋に陥る: koiniochiiru: fall in love, become fond of sb. <<<
恋に悩む: koininayamu: be lovesick <<<
恋の苦しみ: koinokurushimi: lovesickness <<<
恋に破れる: koiniyabureru: be disappointed [crossed, thwarted] in love <<<
Kanji words: 恋心 , 恋人 , 失恋 , 初恋 , 恋愛
Expressions: 叶わぬ恋 , 淡い恋 , 儚い恋 , 恋の陶酔 , 恋の火遊び , 恋は盲目
synonyms: , ラブ

category: common usage
keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 10
translation: dragon, hero, imperial
ryuu, ryou, rou
竜: ryuu: dragon
竜: tatsu
Kanji words: 恐竜 , 黒竜 , 青竜 , 赤竜 , 竜巻 , 土竜 , 竜胆
Expressions: 竜の落し子

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: replace, substitute, one after another, relay
逓: kawarugawaru: one after another
逓わる: kawaru: replace, substitute

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: auspicious, felicitous, happy, joyous, lucky
祥い: saiwai: happiness, blessing, felicity, good fortune, good luck
祥い: medetai: auspicious, felicitous, happy, joyous, lucky
Kanji words: 不祥

category: common usage
keyword: unit , farming
nb of strokes: 10
translation: ridge (of a field)
ho, bou
畝: se: unit of surface (ca. 1.82 are in China, 0.992 are in Japan)
畝: une: ridge (of a field)

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: afraid, fear, fearful, dread, dreadful, horror, horrible, terror, terrible, awe, awful, scary
恐れ: osore: fear, dread, terror, horror, reverence, awe, apprehension, danger
恐れながら: osorenagara: most humbly [respectfully]
恐れ多い: osoreooi: gracious, awful <<<
恐れ多くも: osoreookumo: graciously <<<
恐れ入る: osoreiru: be awestruck, be sorry, feel small, be embarrassed [confounded, disconcerted], be astonished [surprised] (at, to) <<<
恐れ戦く: osoreononoku: tremble with fear, be in fear and trembling <<<
恐れる: osoreru: be afraid of, fear (v.), dread
恐ろしい: osoroshii: scary, awful, fearful, dreadful, terrible, horrible, frightful, forbidding, horrendous
恐ろしく: osoroshiku: awfully, fearfully, dreadfully, terribly
恐ろしさ: osoroshisa: frightfulness, fear (n.), terror, awe
恐らく: osoraku: perhaps, possibly, maybe
恐るべき: osorubeki: fearful, terrible, formidable
恐る恐る: osoruosoru: in fear, timidly, reverently, in awe and reverence, cautiously, gingerly
恐い: kowai: fearful, horrible, terrible, awful <<<
Kanji words: 恐喝 , 恐慌 , 恐怖 , 恐竜

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 10
translation: hold [have] concurrently, serve as well
兼ねる: kaneru: hold [have] concurrently [in addition], combine, unite, serve as well, be unable to do (jp.), cannot do, be hard to do, hesitate to do
兼て: kanete: at the same time, together with, concurrently, beforehand (jp.), in advance
兼: kazu, kanu, kane, tomo, kata: pers.
Kanji words: 気兼 , 兼用
Expressions: 申し兼ねる , 申し兼ねますが , 待ち兼ねる

category: common usage
keyword: health
nb of strokes: 10
translation: tire, fatigue, weary
疲れる: tsukareru: be [get] tired, be [become] fatigued [weary, wearied]
疲らす: tsukarasu: tire (vt.), fatigue
疲れさせる: tsukaresaseru
疲れた: tsukareta: tired, fatigued
疲れ: tsukare: fatigue, weariness
疲れが出る: tsukaregaderu: feel tired [fatigued] <<<
疲れが抜ける: tsukareganukeru: recover from one's fatigue <<<
疲れが取れる: tsukaregatoreru <<<
疲れを休める: tsukareoyasumeru: rest oneself <<<
疲れを癒す: tsukareoiyasu <<<
疲れを知らない: tsukareoshiranai: tireless <<<
疲れ果てる: tsukarehateru: be tired [worn] out, be dead tired, be dog-tired, be exhausted [spent], be washed out <<<
疲れ切る: tsukarekiru <<<
Kanji words: 気疲れ , 疲労
Expressions: 頭の疲れ , 看病疲れする

keyword: fantasy
nb of strokes: 10
translation: curse, spell, haunt, torment
祟り: tatari: curse (n.), evil spell
祟る: tataru: curse (a person with, throw an evil, spell over, haunt, torment
祟られる: tatarareru: be cursed
祟を被る: tatariokoumuru <<<

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 10
translation: bright, luminous, shining, clear
晃らか: akiraka: bright, luminous, shining, clear
晃: akira, teru: pers.

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