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category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 11
translation: steal, rob, pilfer
盗む: nusumu: steal (a thing from a person), pilfer (a thing from a shop), rob (a person of a thing), pirate, plagiarize
盗み: nusumi: theft, robbery
盗みを働く: nusumiohataraku: commit theft <<<
盗みをする: nusumiosuru
盗み見る: nusumimiru: steal a glance (at), look furtively <<<
盗み見する: nusumimisuru <<<
Kanji words: 怪盗 , 強盗 , 盗撮 , 盗賊 , 盗聴 , 盗難
Expressions: 足音を盗んで

category: common usage
keyword: health
nb of strokes: 11
translation: sleep, slumber
min, men, ben
眠り: nemuri: sleep (n.), slumber, nape, doze
眠りに就く: nemurinitsuku: go to sleep, fall asleep <<<
眠り込む: nemurikomu: fall asleep <<<
眠る: nemuru: sleep, have a sleep, fall asleep, take a nap, die (jp.)
眠らす: nemurasu: put (a person) to sleep, kill, do away with (a person)
眠い: nemui: feel sleepy
眠そうな: nemusouna: sleepy, drowsy, sleepy-looking
眠そうに: nemusouni: sleepily, drowsily
眠れない: nemurenai: feel sleepless <<< 不眠
眠れない夜: nemurenaiyoru, nemurenaiyo: sleepless night <<<
Kanji words: 居眠 , 永眠 , 催眠 , 睡眠 , 冬眠 , 不眠
Expressions: 浅い眠り , 深い眠り , 眠れる美女 , 眠れる森の美女
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category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 11
translation: meet, encounter, undergo, greet, receive
逢う: au: meet with, encounter, be caught in, undergo, be exposed to, suffer <<< ,
逢える: mukaeru: meet, go to meet, welcome, greet, receive

category: to learn in school
keyword: time
nb of strokes: 11
translation: end, close, termination
shuu, shu
終り: owari: end, close, termination, conclusion, expiration
終りの: owarino: last, final, concluding
終りに: owarini: in the end, finally, in conclusion, at the conclusion (of)
終りに近づく: owarinichikaZuku: draw to a close <<<
終りを告げる: owariotsugeru: come to an end [a close] <<<
終りを全うする: owariomattousuru: end well, come to a good end <<<
終り無き: owarinaki: endless, interminable <<<
終わる: owaru: end (vi.), terminate, finish
終える: oeru: end (vt.), terminate, finish
終に: tsuini: finally
終ぬ: shinu: die (v.)
Kanji words: 最終 , 終焉 , 終止 , 終身 , 終日 , 終点 , 終幕 , 終了 , 臨終
Expressions: 初めから終わりまで , 夏の終わり , 読み終る , 掛声に終る , 課程を終える , 刑期を終える , 終先程 , 失敗に終わる , 不調に終る
antonyms: ,

category: to learn in school
keyword: decoration
nb of strokes: 11
translation: curtain, veil, shroud
帳: tobari: curtain, veil, shroud
帳: hari: unit to count veils
Kanji words: 蚊帳 , 几帳 , 帳簿 , 帳面 , 通帳 , 手帳
Expressions: 受取帳 , 売上帳 , 閻魔帳 , 切手帳 , 小切手帳 , 小遣帳 , 仕切帳 , 写真帳 , 写生帳 , 習字帳 , 宿題帳 , 商品仕入帳 , 仕分帳 , 大福帳 , 地図帳 , 注文帳 , 当座帳 , 日記帳 , 見本帳 , アドレス帳 , メモ帳
synonyms: , カーテン

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 11
translation: scoop, scum, skim
掬う: sukuu: scoop (v.), scum, skim, ladle, spoon
掬む: kumu: draw (water from), scoop up, ladle out, pump out [up]
Expressions: 匙で掬う , 金魚を掬う , 金魚掬い , ショベルで掬う , スプーンで掬う

category: common usage
keyword: art
nb of strokes: 11
translation: carve, engrave, chisel
彫る: horu: carve, engrave, chisel (v.)
彫りの深い顔: horinohukaikao: clear-cut face
Kanji words: 彫刻 , 彫像
Expressions: 象牙彫り , 版画を彫る

category: common usage
keyword: food
nb of strokes: 11
translation: rude, coarse, rough
粗: ara: refuse [bony parts] of a fish, offal, defect, fault, flaw <<< 欠点
粗の無い: aranonai: flawless, perfect <<< , 完璧
粗を捜す: araosagasu: find fault with <<<
粗捜し: arasagashi: faultfinding <<<
粗い: arai: coarse, rough, raw
粗く: araku: coarsely, roughly, loosely
粗: hobo: almost, nearly, about, for the most part, roughly <<<
Kanji words: 粗筋 , 粗雑 , 粗品
Expressions: 目の粗い

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 11
translation: shadow, shade, obscure, dark, secret, discreet
in, on
陰: kage: shadow, shade
陰で操る: kagedeayatsuru: pull the wires (from behind) <<<
陰で糸を引く: kagedeitoohiku
陰る: kageru: be obscured, darken
陰い: kurai: obscure, dark
陰かな: hisokana: secret, discreet
Kanji words: 陰気 , 陰線 , 陰部 , 陰謀 , 木陰 , 日陰
Expressions: 陰イオン

category: common usage
keyword: garden
nb of strokes: 11
translation: dig, excavate, burrow, bore, hole, slit, gap, leak, pit, cave
kutsu, kotsu
掘る: horu: dig, excavate, burrow, scratch (for), scoop out, bore
掘: ana: hole, slit, gap, leak, pit, cave
Kanji words: 発掘
Expressions: 土を掘る , 穴を掘る , 深く掘る , 溝を掘る , 井戸を掘る , 井戸掘り , 運河を掘る , 地面を掘る , 石炭を掘る , 炭鉱を掘る , ショベルで掘る , トンネルを掘る

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