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category: JIS2
keyword: bird
nb of strokes: 14
translation: kingfisher, halcyon
翡: kawasemi <<< 川蝉
Kanji words: 翡翠

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 14
translation: fan, stir up, incite, cajole, wheedle, instigate, flatter, butter up
煽る: aoru: fan (a fire), stir up, incite, stoke
煽てる: odateru: cajole, wheedle, instigate, flatter, butter up
煽て: odate: wheedling, flattery
煽てに乗る: odateninoru: be easily flattered <<<
Expressions: 団扇で煽ぐ , 突風に煽られる
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category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 14
translation: cruel, brutal, severe, heavy, violent, hard, awful, terrible, dreadful, unreasonable, excessive, outrageous, rigorous, harsh
酷い: mugoi: cruel, brutal <<<
酷い: hidoi: severe, heavy, violent, hard, awful, terrible, dreadful, cruel, unreasonable, excessive, outrageous, egregious
酷い目に会う: hidoimeniau: have an awful experience, have a hard time
酷い目に会わせる: hidoimeniawaseru: give a person a good licking, teach a person a lesson
酷い事をする: hidoikotoosuru <<<
酷く: hidoku: severely, heavily, exceedingly, terribly, badly, cruelly, outrageously
酷く成る: hidokunaru: grow worse, grow violent <<<
酷しい: kibishii: severe, rigorous, harsh
酷しい: hanahadashii: very much, exceedingly, extremely
Kanji words: 酷使 , 残酷
Expressions: 風が酷い , 酷い風邪 , 酷い仕打ちをする , 酷い仕打を受ける
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