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category: common usage
nb of strokes: 14
translation: squeegee, in general (bor.), almost
概: tokaki: stick to flatten a measure, squeegee
概ね: oomune: in general, roughly, almost <<< 大体
概: omomuki: look, appearance, state
Kanji words: 一概 , 概況 , 概算 , 概念 , 概要 , 概略

category: JIS1
keyword: accessory
nb of strokes: 14
translation: tanned hide, leather
hou, haku
鞄: nameshigawa: tanned hide, leather
鞄: kaban: bag (jp.), suitcase, pouch
鞄を提げる: kabannosageru: carry a bag <<<
Expressions: 書類鞄 , 旅行鞄
synonyms: バッグ
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category: JIS1
keyword: weapon
nb of strokes: 14
translation: sheathe, scabbard, case, cap
sou, shou
鞘: saya: sheathe, scabbard, case, cap, commission (jp.)
鞘に収める: sayaniosameru: return [put back] (one's sword) into the scabbard, sheathe [put up] (one's sword) <<<
鞘を払う: sayaoharau: draw [unsheathe] one's sword <<<
鞘を取る: sayaotoru: take a commission <<<
Expressions: 刀の鞘

category: common usage
nb of strokes: 14
translation: drip, drop, trickle
滴: shizuku: drop (n.) <<<
滴り: shitatari: dripping, drop (n.), trickle
滴る: shitataru: drip (vi.), drop, trickle
Kanji words: 水滴 , 点滴

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 14
translation: undermine, corrode, spoil, affect, eclipse
蝕む: mushibamu: undermine, corrode, spoil, affect
蝕まれる: mushibamareru: be undermined, be spoiled, be affected
Expressions: 部分蝕

category: JIS1
nb of strokes: 14
translation: pleat, fold
shou, rou
摺: hida: pleat, fold (n.)
摺む: tatamu: fold (v.)
摺る: suru: print (jp.), rub, file, frost <<< ,
Expressions: 引き摺る

category: common usage
keyword: position
nb of strokes: 14
translation: right, edge (bor.)
端: tan: unit of cloth's length (jp.) <<< ,
端しい: tadashii: right, correct
端め: hajime: beginning, start
端: hashi: end, tip, edge, border, corner, scrap, piece
端から端まで: hashikarahashimade: from end to end, from cover to cover (of book)
端無くも: hashinakumo: accidentally, by chance, unexpectedly <<<
端: hashita: fraction, odd sum, fragment
端の: hashitano: fractional, odd
端たない: hashitanai: mean, low, vulgar <<< 下品
端が出る: hashitagaderu: have sth. over, leave a fraction <<<
端: hata: edge
端に: masani: exactly
端: ha: side (jp.)
Kanji words: 片端 , 先端 , 端緒 , 端末 , 途端 , 端書 , 半端 , 末端
Expressions: 井戸端 , 囲炉裏端

category: common usage
keyword: crime
nb of strokes: 14
translation: pull out, snatch, rob, take away, nab
奪う: ubau: snatch (a thing from a person), take (a thing) away (from a person), rob (a person of a thing), plunder (a person of his goods), pillage, deprive, absorb (a person's attention), engross (a person's mind), fascinate, enrapture, carry away
奪い合う: ubaiau: scramble (v.), contend <<<
奪い合い: ubaiai: scramble (n.) <<<
奪い返す: ubaikaesu: take [win] back, recapture <<<
Kanji words: 奪還 , 略奪
Expressions: 位を奪う , 資格を奪う , 純潔を奪われる
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category: JIS1
keyword: clothes
nb of strokes: 14
translation: rip, tear, rent
tan, dan
綻びる: hokorobiru: be rent [ripped], begin to open, smile (v.)
綻ぶ: hokorobu
綻び: hokorobi: burst [open] seam
綻びた: hokorobita: unstitched
綻びを直す: hokorobionaosu: mend a rent <<<
綻びを繕う: hokorobiotsukurou <<<

category: common usage
keyword: farming
nb of strokes: 14
translation: gather, collect
teki, chaku, taku
摘まむ: tsumamu: pinch (v.), pick, take a pinch of
摘まみ: tsumami: pinch (n.), knob, side dish (jp.)
摘み出す: tsumamidasu: pick out, drag out, turn [thrust] out, throw out <<<
摘み洗いする: tsumamiaraisuru: wash a (spoiled) part of <<<
摘み食いする: tsumamiguisuru: eat when no one is about <<<
摘む: tsumu: gather (vi.), cull
摘く: abaku: expose, disclose, reveal
摘う: hirou: pick up
Kanji words: 指摘
Expressions: 芽を摘む , 鼻を摘む , 双葉のうちに摘む , 葡萄を摘む

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