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pronunciation: bunpitsu , bunpi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: secretion
分泌する: bunpitsusuru: secrete
分泌を促す: bunpitsuounagasu: secretive, secretory <<<
分泌液: bunpitsueki: secreting fluid <<<
分泌腺: bunpitsusen: secreting gland <<<
分泌器官: bunpitsukikan: secretory organ <<< 器官
唾液分泌: daekibunpi: salivation <<< 唾液


pronunciation: bunpitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: writing
文筆の才が有る: bunpitsunosaigaaru: have a talent for writing
文筆で食う: bunpitsudekuu: live by one's pen <<<
文筆で生活する: bunpitsudeseikatsusuru <<< 生活
文筆家: bunpitsuka: writer <<<
文筆業: bunpitsugyou: literary profession [pursuits] <<<


pronunciation: bunpou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: grammar
文法の: bunpouno: grammatical
文法上: bunpoujou <<<
文法書: bunpousho: grammar book <<<
文法学者: bunpougakusha: grammarian <<< 学者
英文法: eibunpou: English grammar <<<
仏文法: hutsubunpou: French grammar <<<
独文法: dokubunpou: German grammar <<<
初級文法: shokyuubunpou: basic grammar <<< 初級
規範文法: kihanbunpou: prescriptive grammar <<< 規範
変形文法: henkeibunpou: transformational grammar <<< 変形


pronunciation: bunpu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: distribution
分布する: bunpusuru: be distributed
分布図: bunpuzu: distribution chart <<<
分布曲線: bunpukyokusen: distribution curve <<< 曲線


pronunciation: bunretsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , technology , biology
translation: division, split (n.), fission
分裂する: bunretsusuru: divide, split (v.)
分裂菌: bunretsukin: fission fungus <<<
分裂生殖: bunretsuseishoku: schizogenesis <<< 生殖
核分裂: kakubunretsu: nuclear fission <<<
内部分裂: naibubunretsu: internal disunion <<< 内部
精神分裂: seishinbunretsu: split personality, schizophrenia <<< 精神
細胞分裂: saiboubunretsu: cell division <<< 細胞
check also: 融合


pronunciation: bunri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , politics
translation: separation, detachment, isolation, disjunction
分離する: bunrisuru: separate, detach, isolate, disjoin
分離器: bunriki: separator <<<
分離派: bunriha: separatist <<<
分離主義: bunrishugi: separatism <<< 主義


pronunciation: bunrui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , book
translation: classification, categorization, assortment
分類する: bunruisuru: classify, assort, divide into classes
分類学: bunruigaku: taxonomy <<<
分類法: bunruihou: system of categorization <<<
分類表: bunruihyou: classified list [table] <<<
check also: 仕分 , 色分


pronunciation: bunryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit
translation: quantity, dose (n.)
分量を量る: bunryouohakaru: dose (v.) <<<
synonyms: 数量


pronunciation: bunseki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: analysis
分析する: bunsekisuru: analyze
分析の: bunsekino: analytical
分析的: bunsekiteki <<<
分析器: bunsekiki: analyzer <<<
分析表: bunsekihyou: analysis table <<<
分析学: bunsekigaku: analytics <<<
分析化学: bunsekikagaku: analytical chemistry <<< 化学
容量分析: youryoubunseki: mass analysis <<< 容量
光線分析: kousenbunseki: spectrum analysis <<< 光線
質量分析: shitsuryoubunseki: mass spectrometry <<< 質量
精神分析: seishinbunseki: psychoanalysis <<< 精神
構造分析: kouzoubunseki: structural analysis <<< 構造
内容分析: naiyoubunseki: content analysis <<< 内容
心理分析: shinribunseki: psychoanalysis <<< 心理
システム分析: shisutemubunseki: system analysis <<< システム
ゲノム分析: genomubunseki: genome analysis <<< ゲノム
スペクトル分析: supekutorubunseki: spectrum analysis <<< スペクトル
マクロ分析: makurobunseki: macroanalysis <<< マクロ
check also: 解析


pronunciation: bunshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , politics , biology
translation: molecule, numerator, element
分子の: bunshino: molecular
分子量: bunshiryou: molecular weight <<<
分子式: bunshishiki: molecular formula <<<
分子説: bunshisetsu: molecular theory <<<
分子論: bunshiron <<<
分子配列: bunshihairetsu: molecular arrangement
分子遺伝学: bunshiidengaku: molecular genetics
分子生物学: bunshiseibutsuga: molecular biology
構成分子: kouseibunshi: component, constituent <<< 構成
破壊分子: hakaibunshi: subversive element <<< 破壊
赤色分子: sekishokubunshi: red elements <<< 赤色
不純分子: hujunbunshi: bad elements <<< 不純
巨大分子: kyodaibunshi: macromolecule <<< 巨大
右翼分子: uyokubunshi: right-wing element <<< 右翼
左翼分子: sayokubunshi: left-wing element <<< 左翼
過激分子: kagekibunshi: radical element, extremist <<< 過激
check also: 原子

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