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pronunciation: moushikomi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 申し込み
keyword: law
translation: application, subscription, offer, proposal, request (n.), challenge, reservation, booking
申込む: moushikomu: apply, make an application, propose, make an overture [a proposal] (of), offer, raise (an objection), request, challenge (v.), reserve, book, subscribe
申込に応じる: moushikominioujiru: accept an offer <<<
申込を断る: moushikomiokotowaru: decline an offer <<<
申込順: moushikomijun: (in) the order of application received <<<
申込所: moushikomisho: place for application <<<
申込人: moushikominin: applicant, subscriber <<<
申込者: moushikomisha <<<
申込書: moushikomisho: application form [blank], written application <<<
申込用紙: moushikomiyoushi: application form [blank] <<< 用紙
申込次第: moushikomishidai: on application
申込期限: moushikomikigen: time limit for application <<< 期限
申込殺到: moushikomisattou: Applications are pouring in <<< 殺到
決闘を申込む: kettouomoushikomu: challenge (a person) to a duel <<< 決闘
加入申込: kanyuumoushikomi: application for admission, subscription <<< 加入
結婚を申込む: kekkonnomoushikomu: make a proposal (of marriage) to, propose to, ask for her hand <<< 結婚
採用申込: saiyoumoushikomi: application for a position <<< 採用
check also: 申請


pronunciation: moushitate
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: statement, declaration, allegation, testimony
申立てる: moushitateru: state (v.), declare, set forth, testify, plead
無罪を申立てる: muzaiomoushitateru: plead not guilt (to a crime) <<< 無罪
異議を申立てる: igiomoushitateru: object to, protest against, raise [make] an objection to, take exception to [against] <<< 異議
異議申立: igimoushitate: formal objection, exception <<< 異議


pronunciation: moushiwake
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 申し訳
translation: explanation, excuse, plea, apology
申訳無い: moushiwakenai: I am very sorry <<<
check also: 言訳


pronunciation: mousho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: intense heat, dog days


pronunciation: mousou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , fantasy
translation: wild fancies, delusion, hallucination, fantasy
妄想する: mousousuru: give oneself over to wild fancies
妄想に耽る: mousounihukeru
誇大妄想: kodaimousou: megalomania <<< 誇大
被害妄想: higaimousou: persecution mania <<< 被害


pronunciation: moyori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: neighborhood, vicinity
最寄の: moyorino: neighboring, adjacent, the nearest
最寄の駅: moyorinoeki: the nearest station <<<


pronunciation: moyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art , weather
translation: pattern (n.), figure, design, appearance, look, signs, indications
模様入りの: moyouirino: patterned <<<
模様を付ける: moyouotsukeru: pattern (v.), put on [decorate with] a pattern, figure <<<
模様替えをする: moyougaeosuru: rearrange, restructure, reorganize, remodel, reshape <<<
模様次第で: moyoushidaide: according to circumstances
荒れ模様: aremoyou: signs of a storm, lowering sky <<<
空模様: soramoyou: look of the sky <<<
雨模様: amemoyou: signs of a rain <<<
花模様: hanamoyou: flower pattern <<<
水玉模様: mizutamamoyou: polka dots (on cloth) <<< 水玉
水玉模様の: mizutamamoyouno: polka-dotted (dress) <<< 水玉
渦巻模様: uzumakimoyou: scrollwork <<< 渦巻
古代模様: kodaimoyou: antique pattern <<< 古代
雷雨模様の: raiumoyouno: thundery <<< 雷雨
菱形模様: hishigatamoyou: diaper <<< 菱形
モザイク模様: mozaikumoyou: mosaic pattern <<< モザイク
check also: モチーフ , パターン


pronunciation: mozou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: imitation (n.), copy
模造の: mozouno: imitation (a.), faked, counterfeited
模造する: mozousuru: imitate, make an imitation of, copy from, counterfeit (v.)
模造品: mozouhin: counterfeit (n.), knockoff <<<
模造者: mozousha: imitator, copier, copyist, counterfeiter <<<
模造真珠: mozoushinju: imitation pearl <<< 真珠
模造ダイア: mozoudaia: faked diamond
synonyms: 偽造 , 模倣 , コピー


pronunciation: mozu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: モズ
keyword: bird
translation: shrike, butcherbird


pronunciation: mozuku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 水雲, 海蘊, モズク
keyword: sea , food
translation: a fine eatable seaweed, mozuku

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