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By clicking on one of keywords in the table below, you can directly access corresponding Japanese words. They are grouped by categories and subcategories appear below their parent category and shifted right.

  fantasy  japanese history  buddhism
  fest  legend  christianity
  game  nobility  moral
  show  furniture  astronomy
    dance  garden  biology
    movie  utensil  chemistry
    musiclaw  mathematics
      musical instrument  crime    number
  travel  justice    shape
animallife  physics
  bird  death  psychology
  fish  greeting  unit
  horse  lovesport
  insect  society  baseball
  molluskmedia  events
  pet  book  martial art
  prehistory    literature  swimming
  reptile      philosophy  winter sports
  beauty  body  audio
    cosmetic  disease  communication
  color  drug  computer
  decoration  health    internet
business  hygiene  electronics
  accounting  organs  energy
  advertisementnature    electricity
  industry  disaster  mechanics
  job  environment  optics
  office  farmingtime
  realty  geology  calendar
  shop  weathertransport
clothesplant  airplane
  accessory  flower  car
  fabric  fruit    car brand
  footwear  tree  road
construction  vegetable  ship
  materialpolitics  train
  tool  administrationwar
economyposition  military rank
  finance  geography  security
    bank    africa  weapon
    market    america
education      usa
  grammar    asia
  school      china
family      japan
  kids    europe
  name    oceania
food  sea
  cereal  town
  japanese food
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