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Mont Saint Michel

French words: Mont Saint Michel
alternative words: Mont Saint Michel abbey, Mont Saint Michel monastery, Mt St Michel
keywords: church, human heritage, normandy, sea, tourist resort
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located on a granite islet between Normandy and Brittany, the abbey of Mont Saint Michel offers a surprising view to its visitors. According to a legend, the archangel Michel appeared to bishop of Avranches, Aubert , demanding to build a church there in 708. During the middle ages, Mont Saint Michel was frequented by pilgrims in spite of a risk of quicksand. During French revolution, the abbey was used as a prison. Since a dyke was built in 19th century, the abbey is loosing its maritime characters.

Montmartre hill

French words: Butte Montmartre
alternative words: Montmartre
keywords: locality, paris, tourist resort
related topics: Sacre Coeur Basilica , Saint Denis
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in a northern sector of Paris, Montmartre hill was initially outside Paris with free of its taxes before being annexed in 1860 and farmers were cultivating vineyards. For this reason, Montmarte got a reputation of the place to drink cheaply and it attracted many people, especially artists. Legendary le Tertre place is now crowded by portraitists and paint merchants. Montmartre is also the place of martyr of Saint Denis around 250 A.C. Now Sacre-coeur Basilica is towering at the top of hill.

Montparnasse tower

French words: Tour Montparnasse
alternative words: Tour Montparnasse
keywords: building, paris, tourist resort
related topics: Gare Montparnasse
related web sites: ,
explanation: Built between 1969 and 1972 at the place of old Montparnasse station which should have been replaced, Montparnasse tower was the highest skyscraper in Europe at that time with 207m high and 58 floors. Since then, skyscrapers being banned in Paris, it is unique in Paris and the tallest in France. Though most of the floors are reserved for the office usage, a merchant gallery is at the lower level. You can admire the best view of Paris from a restaurant located at 54th floor or the top terrace if it is fine.


French words: Montpellier
keywords: southern france, tourist resort, town
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located in southern France near the Mediterranean cost, Montpellier is a rare French southern town which should have no Roman background. It was founded in 10th century by a local warlord but quickly developed thanks to trades with Mediterranean regions. In 1180, the first medical school in France opened. In 1349, Montpellier passed from Aragon kingdom to France. Owning many chemical and food industries such as winery, Montpellier is the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon region and the population 236000.

Moulin rouge

French words: Moulin rouge
alternative words: Moulin rouge cabaret, Red windmill
keywords: building, paris, theater
related topics: Montmartre hill , Olympia hall
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in Pigalle district near Montmartre hill, the famous "French cancan" dance was first showed in this Parisian cabaret. Opened in 1889 by Joseph Oller who had owned already Olympia theater, the painting of Toulouse-Lautrec immortalizes its popularity among Parisians. During 2 world wars, the music hall was sold to Pathe to become a movie theater but recovered the initial vocation in 60s.

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