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French words: Nancy
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Located in north-east of France, Nancy was founded in 11th century by Lorraine Duke, Gerard 1st, then it became the capital of Lorraine in 16th century. Former King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine, Stanislas made many beautiful places, which now belong to Unesco human heritage. Nancy has passed to France after his death in 1766. When Germany annexed Northern Lorraine in 1871, many people migrated there so the industry developed. Nancy is the capital of Meurthe-et-Moselle prefecture and the population 99000.


French words: Nantes
keywords: loire region, tourist resort, town
related topics: Rennes
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explanation: Located in south of Brittany at estuary of Loire river, Nantes was conquered by Julius Cesar in 56 B.C. During the middle ages, Nantes disputed with Rennes the first place of Brittany. In 1598, Edit of Nantes was signed by Henri IV, allowing a religious freedom to protestants. During 18th century, Nantes had grown rich thanks to trades with new world, especially the slavery. Jules Verne was born there in 1828. Owning an university, Nantes is the capital of Pays-de-la-Loire region and the population 267,000.


French words: Nice
alternative words: Nizza
keywords: french riviera, sea, southern france, tourist resort, town
related topics: Marseille
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in south-east of France on the Mediterranean coast near Italian border, Nice was founded by Greeks from Marseille in 5th BC. During the medieval period, Nice had been a part of Holy Roman Empire. Nice was ceded to France from Sardinia kingdom by the unification process of Italy in 1860. Now, Nice is a well known international resort town for its carnival, casinos and beautiful beach, "Promenade des Anglais". Nice is also the capital of Alpes-Maritimes prefecture and the population is 330500.


French words: Nîmes
keywords: roman remains, southern france, tourist resort, town
related topics: Gard bridge , Nimes amphitheater , Maison Carree , TGV
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explanation: Nimes had been an important Roman city in southern France on the route linking Italy and Spain, as many vestiges witness it, such as amphitheater and Gard bridge. It was called 'Colonia Nemausus' (Colony from the Nile) because Roman legionary veterans from Egypt settled there. For a short time, Nimes had been occupied by Saracens but liberated by Pippin III in 754. Being a center of wine production, Nimes is the capital of Gard prefecture and the population 133000. Nimes is now from Paris in 3 hours by TGV.

Nimes amphitheater

French words: Arènes de Nîmes , Amphithéâtre de Nîmes
alternative words: Nimes arena
keywords: roman remains, southern france, theater, tourist resort
related topics: Nimes
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explanation: Built around 1st century A.D. the arena of Nimes is one of the best preserved ones among more than 70 Roman amphitheaters known nowadays. Surrounded by 2 level of 60 arches each, it has an oval structure of 133m length, 101m width and 21m height, and could contain 20,000 spectators. In 476, Visigoths transformed it to a fortress. During Middle Ages, the arena was squatted by several hundreds of people but cleaned up by Napoleon. Now it is served to organize music concerts and bull fighting (tauromachie).

Notre-Dame cathedral

French words: Cathédrale Notre-Dame , Notre-Dame de Paris
alternative words: Notre Dame de Paris, Notre-Dame
keywords: church, human heritage, paris, tourist resort
related topics: Cite Island
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located on a small island in Seine river at the center of Paris, there existed already a temple of Jupiter during Roman period, which would be replaced by Saint Etienne Basilica. The construction of the actual building began in 1163 during the reign of Louis VII and achieved in 1345. During French revolution in 1789, the edifice was vandalized, the 12 fontal statues of apostles beheaded. Though since 1845, it had been restored, during Paris Commune uprising in 1871, it was again vandalized.


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