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French words: Bordeaux
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town, wine
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in southwest of France on the Garonne river, Bordeaux was founded by a Celtic tribe in 3th century B.C. and a prosperous town, called Burdigala, of Roman empire. After a marriage of Eleonore de Guyenne with the future King Henry II in 1152, Bordeaux had been an English fief until 1453 and its wine got a fame. Saint André cathedral was enlisted in Uesco's human heritage in 1998 as a monument of Santiago de Compostela pilgrim. Bordeaux is the capital of Aquitaine region and its population 224000.

Bourges cathedral

French words: Cathédrale de Bourges , Cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges
alternative words: Bourges, Cathedral of Bourges
keywords: church, human heritage, tourist resort
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explanation: In 1195, Archbishop of Bourges, Henri de Sully, wanted to replace his old cathedral by using the newly introduced gothic style, such as Notre dame de Paris of which bishop is his brother Eudes. Due to financial and technical difficulties (a huge pillar was added to prop the southern tower) it was achieved only in 1324. The northern tower, collapsed in 1506, was rebuilt in 1562. Considered as a master piece of the French medieval Christian art, Bourges cathedral was enlisted in UNESCO human heritage in 1981.
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