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French words: RATP , Régie autonome des transports parisiens
keywords: paris, paris suburb, transport
related topics: RER , Paris subway , Montmartre hill , Parisian bus
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explanation: Public company which covers most of Paris and its suburb transport system. It includes Paris subway (16 lines, including full automatic Meteor line), Parisian bus network (total length 3400 km), a part of suburb railroads (lines A and B of RER), Montmatre hill's funicular and tramway (2 lines already operating in the suburb area and a circular line around Paris under construction). RATP transported total 2666 million persons in 2002 with 44000 employees. RATP means "Regie autonome des transports parisiens".


French words: Reims
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town, wine
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located 130 km northeast of Paris in northern France, Reims has existed since Roman period and played an important historic role. In fact, since the baptism of Clovis in 496, French kings had used to be crowned in Reims' cathedral. During WWI, it was heavily shelled by German troops. Cultivating grapes used for the champagne on the neighboring hill, Reims is the economic capital of Champagne region and its population 187000. Since 1991, the medieval monuments of Reims have belonged to Unesco human heritage.


French words: Rennes
keywords: tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in eastern Brittany, Rennes had been called "Condate" during the Roman empire. During the middles ages, Rennes strove as the capital of an independent Brittany. In 1720, traditional wood houses at town center were burned out by a terrific fire. The parliament of Brittany, suppressed in 1790 is served now as court house. Owning an university founded in 1735, Rennes has many high-tech industries such as electronics and computer. Rennes is the capital of Bretagne region and the population 200,000.


French words: RER , Réseau Express Régional
alternative words: Regional Express Network, Paris suburban railway
keywords: paris, paris suburb, transport
related topics: Paris subway , SNCF , RATP
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Though there had existed already railroads which connected the suburbs to Paris before WWII, those lines belonged to different companies and badly interconnected between them So the government built in 1977 a public organisation, RER which would unified those scattered lines by completing lacking segments and electrifying them if necessary. There exist now 5 RER lines with an alphabet initial. The oldest is the line A which runs from west to east through Paris, followed by the line B, from north to south.


French words: Rocamadour
keywords: church, human heritage, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Hanged on a cliff over Alzou river in southwestern France, Rocamadour had already a small sanctuary dedicated to Virgin Mary before 10th century. It got a fame when man had discovered in 1166 a corps under the chapel, quickly attributed to a relic of Saint Amadour due to the miracles it provoked. Though many monuments have been damaged by religious wars, Rocamadour was enlisted in Uesco's human heritage in 1998 as a monument of Santiago de Compostela pilgrim. The car parking is on the tableland at top.


French words: Roland-Garros , Stade Roland-Garros
alternative words: French Open, Roland Garros Stadium
keywords: paris, sport
related topics: Bois de Boulogne
related web sites:
explanation: Between the end May and the beginning June, Roland-Garros organizes "French Open", one of the 4 major world tennis championships: other are Australian Open, Wimbledon and Flushing Meadow. Its courts being covered with clays, the ball bounces slowly compared to grass or hard courts and consequently it makes difficult to win the prize for attackers such as John McEnroe. Located in south-west of Paris, at the southern edge of "Bois de Boulogne", its name comes from a French aviator ace of WWI, Roland-Garros.


French words: Rouen
keywords: normandy, tourist resort, town
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located 120km northwest of Paris, Rouen had developed as Roman town named, Rotomagus, which owned the first bridge over the Seine. During the middle ages, Rouen first suffered with Viking invasions but in 911, their leader, Rollen accepted to become a vassal of French king as duke of Normandy and Rouen as capital. During 100 year war in 1431, Jeanne d'Arc was judged and burned at Rouen. As external harbor of Paris, Rouen has many heavy industries such as shipyards and petrochemicals. Its population 108,000.


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