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French words: Barbizon , Ecole de Barbizon
alternative words: School of Barbizon, Barbizon school
keywords: museum, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Tiny village located 60km southeast of Paris near Fontainebleau forest, has got fame as "School of Barbizon" when many impressionist painters such as Corot, Rousseau, Millet and Daubigny settled there during 19th century. In fact, since French revolution of 1789 had condemned the main painting subject of that epoch, like portrays of rich people or mythological sceneries, man tried to draw ordinary people working in the nature. The atelier of Jean-Francois Millet who painted "The Gleaners" is now a museum.


French words: Bateau-mouche
alternative words: Seine cruise, Seine excursion
keywords: paris, transport
related topics: Louvre museum , Eiffel tower , Notre-Dame cathedral , Orsay museum
related web sites:
explanation: Seine river passing through the center of Paris, it is an agreeable way to admire famous Parisian monuments built along the river bank such as Louvre palace, Norte-Dame cathedral, Eiffel tower and Orsay museum from an excursion ship when it is fine. Most of the embarkations are performed from a quay at the foot of Eiffel tower and the excursion lasts one hour without meal and 2 hours with a dinner service.


French words: Beaujolais
keywords: bourgogne, tourist resort, wine
related topics: Lyon
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located northwest of Lyon in south Bourgogne, Beaujolais is a reputed region for its vineyard. Beaujolais wines are divided into 4 categories. Beaujolais: classic Beaujolais wine (3/4 of the production). Beaujolais villages: classic Beaujolais wine but only 38 villages bear this name (1/4 of the production). Crus du Beaujolais: the best Beaujolais vintage and only 10 villages bear this name. Beaujolais nouveau: wine consumed cold in first November without reaching a maturity (1/3 of the first 2 categories).

Beaune Hospice

French words: Hospices de Beaune
alternative words: Hospice de Beaune, Hospice of Beaune, Hospices de Beaune
keywords: bourgogne, museum, tourist resort, wine
related topics: Dijon
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located at Beaune, in 40 km south of Dijon, the hospice of Beaune was founded in 1443 by the chancellor of Burgundy, Nicolas Rolin as a charity running hospital. The hospice had continued to receive patients until 1971 when a new hospital was built. "Hospices de Beaune", covered with polychrome tiles, stocks also about 5000 art collections, most of them offered as a donation. Each November, the hospice of Beaune organizes a charity auction of wines coming from its prestigious vintage, covering 60 hectares.

Beauvais Cathedral

French words: Cathédrale de Beauvais
alternative words: Cathedral of Beauvais, Beauvais
keywords: church, paris suburb, tourist resort
related web sites:
explanation: In 1225, the bishop of Beauvais, Milon de Nanteuil decided to build the largest cathedral of the world by replacing the old Roman style church destroyed by a fire. After a collapse of the vault in 1284, supplementary props were added but soon the construction halted due to 100 year war. After a collapse of the central spire of 153m high in 1573, the ambitious construction plan was given up. Located 60 km north of Paris, Cathedral of Beauvais impresses tourists by gigantism in spite of repeated misfortunes.


French words: Béziers
keywords: human heritage, southern france, tourist resort, town, wine
related topics: Canal du midi
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in southern France on the bank of Orb river, Beziers had been inhabited by Greeks in 5th century BC. Romans built a new colony named Baeterrae in 36-35 BC and its wine already exported to Rome. After a chaos of the end of Roman empire, Beziers was invaded by Saracens in 8th century. In 1209, as a stronghold of Cathars, the inhabitants of Beziers were massacred by Albigensian Crusade. The bridge of "Canal du midi" crossing over Orb river nearby belongs to the human heritage. Its population 80,000.


French words: Biarritz
keywords: sea, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located on the Biscay bay cost and near Spain frontier, Biarritz had been a tiny whaling village during the middle ages. But slowly people began to bath on the beach of Biarritz by the recommendation of doctors, first, inhabitants of Bayonne nearby, then the celebrity such as Victor Hugo in 1843 and Empress Eugenie Napoleon in 1854 followed by British royal family. The casino opened in 1901 and the first class beach fit for wave surfing make Biarritz an attractive tourist spot. Its population is 30,000.

Blois castle

French words: Château de Blois
alternative words: Blois, Château de Blois
keywords: castle, human heritage, loire region, tourist resort
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located at the hill which commands Blois on the northern bank of Loire river, there had existed already a medieval castle since Carolingian period, but only the Chamber of the Estates General in the north and the tower of Foix in the south remain until today. The real expansion of the castle started when King Louis XII installed his court there in 1498 and added a renaissance flavour to it. The next king, Francois 1st transformed it to a full renaissance style castle with a magnificent spiral stairwell.

Bois de Boulogne

French words: Bois de Boulogne
alternative words: Boulogne forest
keywords: paris, paris suburb, park
related topics: Longchamp racecourse
related web sites:
explanation: Until the middle ages, there had existed a vast forest in west of Paris and French kings were used to hunt there. The nearest part was named "Bois de Boulogne" because after the king Philippe IV pilgrimmed at Boulogne-sur-mer, a chapel was built there in 1315. Napoleon III assigned in 1852 the gardener Vare then the engineer Alphand to transform it to an English style garden. Covering 8460 km2, Bois de Boulogne owns a small amusement park (jardin d'acclimatation) and 2 hippodromes, Auteuil and Longchamp.

Bois de Vincennes

French words: Bois de Vincennes
alternative words: Vincennes forest
keywords: paris, paris suburb, park
related topics: Bois de Boulogne , Vincennes castle
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in east of Paris, Bois de Vincennes had been a hunting area for French kings during the middle ages. Philippe II surrounded it with walls and added a hunting lodge in 13th century. A legend says that Saint Louis would give judgements under oak trees. Napoleon III asked again in 1857 Adolphe Alphand to transform it to an English style garden like Bois de Boulogne. Covering 9950 km2, Bois de Vincennes owns zoological and floral gardens, and a hippodrome. Most of 1900 Olympic games were played there.


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