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French words: Cahors
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town, wine
related topics: Toulouse
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located 110km north of Toulouse in a meander of Lot river, Cahors was founded in 1st century by Romans near the spring of Divona, from which they brought waters to the city via aqueduct. During 13th century, Cahors was prosperous thanks to Lombard bankers who had chosen it as the main French branch. Valentre bridge built between 1308-1378 has been enlisted to Unesco's human heritage as a monument of Saint Jacques de Compostelle pilgrim. Cahors is the capital of Lot prefecture and reputed for its wine.

Canal du midi

French words: Canal du midi
alternative words: South canal, Southern canal
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, transport
related topics: Toulouse
related web sites:
explanation: In 1662, French King Louis XIV asked Pierre Paul Riquet to create a direct navigable route from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea by avoiding Spain hostile to France. Begun in 1666 and achieved in 1681 with 12000 workers, Canal du Midi connects Toulouse on Garonne river and Sete on the Mediterranean through ingenious mechanism such as tunnels and bridges over rivers. Considered as a major technical realization of 17th century, Canal du Midi has been enlisted to Unesco human heritage since 1996.


French words: Cannes
keywords: french riviera, sea, southern france, tourist resort, town
related topics: Nice
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in south-east of France on the Mediterranean coast near Nice, Cannes was called Canois by Romans, because of abundant reeds there. Though Cannes was disputed between France and Holy Roman Empire during the middle ages, it had remained a small fisher harbor until 1834 when a British politician, Brougham settled his cottage there. Since then, Cannes has developed to become an international tourist resort. Cannes film festival is held each May on the beach street, "Croisette". The population is 68000.


French words: Carcassonne
keywords: castle, human heritage, southern france, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in southern France, Romans had already built a fortress there due to its strategic importance. During the middle ages, Carcassonne had been a strong hold of Cathars to resist Albigensian Crusade until 1209. After the incorporation to France in 1247, an outer rampart was added to make the fortress impregnable because Carcassonne was a border town with Aragon kingdom. In 1997, medieval city was enlisted to Unesco's human heritage. Carcassonne is the capital of Aude prefecture and the population 44000.


French words: Chambéry
keywords: alps, tourist resort, town, wine
related topics: Grenoble , Lyon
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located between Geneva and Grenoble in the fore-Alps and the capital of Savoy prefecture, Chambery began to develop when it had become the capital of Savoy dukedom in 1295 but declined when its capital was moved to Turin in 1563. The sovereignty of the Savoy region was transferred to France by Turin treaty of 1860. Located on the crossing point of Geneva-Grenoble and Lyon-Turin routes, Chambery is also an important railroad hub. The surrounding area is cultivating Savoy wine. The population is 58500.

Chambord castle

French words: Château de Chambord
alternative words: Chateau de Chambord, Chateau Chambord
keywords: castle, human heritage, loire region, tourist resort
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located near Blois and 150km south of Paris, Chambord is the largest among "Chateaux de la Loire". Its construction started in 1519 as second residence of King Francois 1st and achieved only in 1559 after his death. Owning 4 central towers served by the stairs with a double spiral, a guest of Francois 1st, Leonardo Da Vinci may participate in conceiving this renaissance style castle. After Francois's death, the castle decayed slowly. Surrounded by a vast forest, Chambord belongs to UNESCO's human heritage.


French words: Chamonix , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
alternative words: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
keywords: alps, tourist resort, town
related topics: Mont Blanc , Aiguille du Midi , Mont Blanc tunnel
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the Alps near Swiss boarder, Chamoinx has got its fame since the 18th century, thanks to a development of the tourism and alpinism In 1924, the town organized the first Winter Olympics. Owning many mechanical lifting equipments such as ropeway of Aiguille du Midi and train of Montenvers, Chamonix is an ideal base for the alpinism and skiing. Since the opening of Mont Blanc tunnel in 1965, more and more trucks enter Chamonix valley and it provokes an environmental problem. Its population is 9900.

Champs Elysees

French words: Champs Elysées , Avenues des Champs Elysées , Boulevard des Champs Elysées
alternative words: Champs Elysees street, Champs Elysees avenue, Champs Elysee
keywords: locality, paris, tourist resort
related topics: Arc de Triomphe , Louvre museum , Concorde square
related web sites: ,
explanation: Famous street located in the north-west of Paris and runs from "Place de la Concorde" to "Arc de Triomphe" along the historical axis. Though there had been a pasture until 17th century, since le Notre settled it, Champs Elysees has developed quickly. Since 1828, the city of Paris is its owner. During the reign of Napoleon III, rich families such as Rothschild and Pereire installed there, then luxury boutiques such as Vuitton, Guerlain, Lanvin opened. Champs Elysees is a paradise in Greek mythology.


French words: Chanel
alternative words: Coco Chanel, Gabrielle Chanel
keywords: paris, shop
related topics: Saumur
related web sites: ,
explanation: French fashion designer, Gabrille alias Coco Chanel was born in 1883 at Saumur. Since she lost her mother at 12 while his father left her, she was put into an orphanage. In 1910, she opened her shop in Paris, Cambon street, then at Deauville in Normandy to sell her lady hats with funds of a British loving. In 1921, the famous Chanel No 5 fragrance was introduced. In 1924, Pierre Wertheimer became her business partner and his descendents still control the company. She died in 1971 at Lausanne, Switzerland.

Chantilly castle

French words: Château de Chantilly
alternative words: Chantilly palace, Chantilly
keywords: castle, tourist resort
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Though existed since Roman period, Chantilly began to develop when the last of Orgemont family bequeathed in 1484 the domain to his nephew Guillaume of Montmorency, because his son, Anne de Montmorency served as constable for 6 French kings. The small castle built around 1560 contains furniture of 17-18th century belonging to the next castle owner, Conde family, while the park was designed by King's gardener, Andre le Notre in 1663. Located 40km north of Paris, Chantilly also owns a famous horserace course.


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