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Olympia hall

French words: Olympia
alternative words: Olympia music hall, Olympia
keywords: building, paris, theater
related topics: Moulin rouge , Madeleine church
related web sites: ,
explanation: Joseph Oller, future creator of Moulin Rouge opened a roller coaster on Capucines boulevard near Madeleine church in 1887, but for a security reason he had to close it in 1891 and replace by a music hall with 2000 seats in 1894. Many French and international stars of music, circus, ballets etc had succeeded before becoming a movie theatre in 1929. Bruno Coquatrix transformed it again to a music hall in 1954. 40 years later, Olympia was threaten to be demolished but saved by French culture mister, Jack Lang.

Opera Bastille

French words: Opéra Bastille
alternative words: Bastille Opera
keywords: building, paris, theater
related topics: Paris Opera
related web sites: ,
explanation: In order to develop poor eastern Paris districts and also to commemorate 200th anniversary of French revolution, socialist French president, Francois Mitterand decided in 1982 to build a modern opera theater at the place of a closed railway station, on the Bastille place. Its construction began in 1984, following the architecture plan of Carlos Ott, and achieved in 1989. Now Opera Bastille plays lyric dramas and the old Opera Garnier, ballets.

Orange antique theater

French words: Théâtre antique d'Orange , Théâtre Romain d'Orange
alternative words: Orange Roman theater, Orange theater, Orange amphitheater
keywords: human heritage, roman remains, southern france, theater, tourist resort
related web sites: ,
explanation: Built in the 1st century under Emperor Augusta's reign, the theater of Orange with 9000 seats is one of the best preserved among Roman remains. It was closed in 391 after a christianization of the Roman empire, then vandalized with an invasion of barbarians. During the middle ages, the theater had been squatted by poor people until 1825 when Prosper Mérimée, responsible of historic monuments, restored it. It has belonged to Unesco's human heritage since 1981 and many outdoor entertainment takes place.


French words: Orléans
keywords: human heritage, loire region, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Conquered by Julius Cesar in 52 BC, Orleans was rebuilt in 3th century by Roman Emperor, Aurelian from which derives the city name. During the middle ages, Orleans had been the capital of Merovingian dynasty then a dukedom in Capetian dynasty which came to succeed the latter as Valois-Orleans dynasty. During 100 years war, Orleans was saved by Jeanne d'Arc from a siege in 1428. Located 110km south of Paris on Loire bank, Orleans is the capital of Centre region and owns an university. The population 113,000.

Orsay museum

French words: Musée d'Orsay
alternative words: Orsay gallery, Orsay
keywords: museum, paris, tourist resort
related topics: Louvre museum
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located on the southern shore of Seine river in Paris, Orsay museum opened in 1986 by transforming a century old railroad station. It exposes all the arts such as painting, sculpture and photography from the middle of 19th century to the WWI, especially the impressionism, in order to fill up the gap between the classic period of Louvre museum and of contemporary period of Georges Pompidou center.

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