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Aichi Prefecture

alternative words: Aichiken prefecture, Aichi, Aichiken, Aichi-ken, Aichi ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Nagoya city , Toyota city , Aichi world exposition
related web sites:
explanation: Aichi prefecture occupies the south-western part of Chubu region, facing Ise bay. Its surface is 5,137 km2 and the population 6.4 millions. The prefectural office is at Nagoya City. Being located in the third most populated aria in Japan, there exists many industries but the most significant ones are textile, automobile and aerospace with a factory of Toyota at Toyota City. Farming is very diversified such as poultry, hog rising, vegetables etc., because the region is highly urbanized.

Aichi world exposition

愛知万国博覧会 愛知万博
alternative words: Aichi world fair, 2005 world exposition
keywords: park
related topics: Aichi Prefecture , Nagoya city , Chubu airport , Nagakute city
related web sites:
explanation: The first word fair organized in the 21th century. The expo site is located at Nagakute, the eastern suburb of Nagoya in Aichi prefecture. The main theme is "Nature of Wisdom", coming from Japanese name of Aichi, meaning "love the earth" in English. It starts on March 25, 2005 and ends on September 25, 2005. As interesting attractions, we can quote a frozen mammoth unearthed in Siberia and different robots. You can get the expo venue via linear motor car (Linimo) from Yakusa or Fujigaoka railroad stations.

Air Do

エア・ドゥ 北海道国際航空
alternative words: Airdo
keywords: airline, company
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Tiny aviation company in Japan founded in December 1998. It operates only the liaison between Tokyo and Sapporo with a very competitive price.

Aizu Castle

会津城 若松城 会津若松城 鶴ヶ城
alternative words: Wakamatsu Castle, Aizuwakamatsu Castle, Aizujo, Aizu-jo, Aizuwakamatsujo, Aizuwakamatsu-jo, Tsurugajo, Tsuruga-jo, Aizu
keywords: castle
related topics: Fukushima Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: The mansion constructed by Ashina Naonari in the first year of Shitoku Era would be the origin of Wakamatsu Castle. Afterward, Date Masamune, then Gamo Ujisato had taken the castle in the 18th year of Tensho Era to rename it Tsuruga Castle. In the 17th year of Meji Era, all the buildings including the main donjon were destroyed but in September, the 49th year of Showa Era, it was restored to the initial state.

Akama Shrine

alternative words: Akamajingu Shrine, Akama-jingu Shrine, Akamajingu, Akama-jingu, Akama jingu
keywords: shrine
related topics: Yamaguchi Prefecture , Shimonoseki city , Battle_of_dannoura
related web sites:
explanation: Located in Yamaguchi Prefecture at Shimonoseki City, it worships Emperor Antoku who died at the age of 7 by throwing himself into sea with his mother when Heike clan was defeated by Genji clan during the famous battle of Dannoura in March 1185.

Akasaka palace

赤坂離宮 東宮御所 青山御所 迎賓館
alternative words: Akasaka detached palace, Akasaka rikyu, Togugosho, Togu-gosho, Togu gosho, Aoyamagosho, Aoyama-gosho, Geihinkan, Geihin-kan
keywords: building, castle, tokyo
related topics: Aoyama , Imperial palace
related web sites:
explanation: Palace located at Minato ward in Tokyo. During Edo period, it was served as a residence of the seignior of Ki in Tokyo. After a short period when it had been used as the temporary imperial palace between 1873 and 1889, it became the crown prince's residence. The actual building was planed by Katayama Tokuma by imitating the Louvre palace near Paris and completed in 1909. After a restoration in 1974, it is now served as an official guest house of the government.

Akashi Bridge

alternative words: Akashi strait bridge, Great Akashi bridge, Great Akashi strait bridge, Akashi ohashi, Akashi oohashi
keywords: bridge
related topics: Hyogo Prefecture , Naruto Bridge , Awaji Island , Akashi strait
related web sites:
explanation: Long bridge for cars built between Honshu and Awaji Island over Akashi Strait. The span between 2 main pillars is 1991 m (world's record) and the total length is 3911 m, while the height of the pillars is 300 m above sea level. The construction began in 1988 after the opening of Naruto Bridge and ended in April 1999. The initial plan to add railroad as in Naruto Bridge, has been abandoned because of a luck of funds.

Akashi strait

alternative words: Akashikaikyo strait, Akashikaikyo, Akashi-kaikyo, Akashi kaikyo
keywords: strait
related topics: Inland sea , Honshu island , Awaji island , Akashi bridge , Kobe city , Osaka bay
explanation: Strait located between Honshu and Awaji islands on the west of Kobe city, it allows to communicate Inland sea (Setonaikai) with Osaka bay. The width is about 4 km and its narrowness provokes very fast currents in each tide (about 6 knots). For that reason the fishes coming from this region are highly appreciated due to developed muscles especially sea breams and octopus. Now the world longest suspended bridge, "Akashi bridge" crosses over this strait.

Akita city

alternative words: Akitashi city, Akitashi, Akita shi, Akita
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Akita prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Akita prefecture. Located at the mouth of Omono river, the history of Akita is very old: Yamato court built there a barrier to stop the invasion of Ainu in 733. During Edo period, Akita flourished as a castle town of Satake clan. The main activity is pulp, petrochemical and fertilizer industries while the rural area has rich rice fields. Traditional sake brewery and lacquer ware are well known. Kantou festival in early August attracts many tourists. The population is 315,000.

Akita Prefecture

alternative words: Akitaken prefecture, Akita, Akitaken, Akita-ken, Akita ken, Akitakenn
keywords: prefecture, tohoku
related topics: Akita city , Lake Towada , Lake Tazawa , Hachimantai , Lake Hachiro , Mt Chokai
related web sites:
explanation: Akita prefecture occupies the north-western part of Tohoku region, facing JapanSea. Its surface is 11,612 km2 and the population 1.2 million. The prefectural office is at Akita city. Akita is well known for its rich rice fields. In order to increase its surface, the government has filled up the Japan's second largest lake, Hachiro-gata, since 1957. The region has also been rich in mineral resources like silver, copper and petroleum but they have been exhausted.

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