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Shimane Prefecture

alternative words: Shimaneken prefecture, Shimane, Shimaneken, Shimane ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Izumo Shrine , Matsue City , Takeshima Island , Oki island , Nakanoumi
related web sites:
explanation: Shimane prefecture occupies the northern part of Chugoku region, facing Japanese Sea. Its surface is 6,628 km2 and the population 0.8 million. The prefectural office is at Matsue City. Once a political center of Japan, it became a forgotten of the history. Most of the area being rural, there exists few industry excepting for agriculture and fishing. On the contrary, there exist many interesting tourist spots like Oki islands and Izumo Shrine. The abacus of Shimane is notorious, too.

Shimizu city

清水市 清水
alternative words: Shimizushi city, Shimzushi, Shimizu shi, Shimizu
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Shizuoka prefecture , Shizuoka city , Suruga bay
related web sites:
explanation: Located in central Shizuoka prefecture and contiguous to Shizuoka city, facing Sugaru bay, Shimizu developed as a post town of Tokaido road during Edo period. It owns a good fishing harbor which has transformed to an international merchant harbor during the last century. The rural area is cultivating oranges, strawberries and tea. The tourists are frequenting Miho no Matsubara (pin tree beach of Miho) and Kuno-san (Mt Kuno). The population is 240,000.

Shimoda City

下田市 下田
alternative words: Shimodashi city, Shimodashi, Shimoda shi, Shimoda-shi, Shimoda
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Shizuoka Prefecture , Izu peninsula
related web sites:
explanation: Harbor located in the southern extremity of Izu peninsula, Shimoda played a major role in Japanese history 150 years ago. In fact, the world powers such as USA and Russia had been authorized to settle their first consulate there after 2 century old national seclusion policy (Sakoku), because the town is located far from main roads but sufficiently near Tokyo. Now it has become a quiet fishing harbor and summer resort. You can reach there by Izu Kyuko railroad from Ito.

Shimokita peninsula

alternative words: Shimokita hanto, Shimokita hantou, Shimokitahanto, Shimokitahantou
keywords: peninsula, tourist resort
related topics: Tsugaru strait , Aomori prefecture , Honshu island
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located in the eastern Aomori prefecture, Shimokita peninsula occupies the most northern part of Honshu island. It is surrounded in the east by Pacific ocean, in the west by Mutsu bay and in the north by Tsugaru strait. It takes the form of an ax: the head part is occupied by volcanic Osorezan mountains which shelter the last Japanese shamans, while the handle part forms a low hill and Mutsu city is between 2 parts. The main industry is forestry, fishing and tourism.

Shimonita city

alternative words: Shimonitacho, Shimonita-cho, Shimonita cho, Shimonita
keywords: town
related topics: Gunma prefecture , Takasaki city
related web sites:
explanation: Town located in the south-west of Gunma prefecture, it is the terminus of Joshin dentetsu railway which comes from Takasaki. Their specialty is Welsh onions and "Konnyaku", an ingredient of Japanese dishes. Shimonita is also a tourist base for Mts Myogi and Arafune. The population is 14,000.

Shimonoseki city

alternative words: Shimonosekishi city, Shimonosekishi, Shimonoseki shi, Shimonoseki
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Yamaguchi prefecture , Akama shrine , Kanmon bridge
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the extreme west of Honshu facing Kyushu via Kanmon strait, Shimonoseki has been always an important harbor due to its strategic position. The battle of Dannoura in 1185 as well as Shimonoseki bombardment in 1864 took place there. Its is one the most important fishery base and fugu (globefish) is highly appreciated. Recently around Hikojima island the activity such as metallurgy, chemistry and shipyard has developed. The population is 255,000.

Shinano river

alternative words: Shinanogawa river, Shinanogawa, Shinano-gawa, Shinano gawa
keywords: nagano, river
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Niigata prefecture , Komoro city , Nagano city , Niigata city
explanation: Taking its source in the south-eastern mountains of Nagano Prefecture and pouring into Japan Sea at Niigata city, it is the longest river in Japan (367 km long). Shinano river has 2 main branches: Chikuma river (the longest) which drains the east of Nagano Prefecture and Sai river which drains the west. Their confluent is near Nagano City in the north of prefecture.


新宿 新宿区
alternative words: Shijuku-ku, Shijukuku, Shinjuku ku, Shinjuku ward, Shinjiku, Shinjiku ku, Shinjikuku
keywords: district, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Odakyu electric railway , Keio electric railway
related web sites:
explanation: In a narrow sense, it designates the highly urbanized district developed around Shinjuku Station in the west of Tokyo City with many department stores and theaters while in a broader sense, it designates Shinjuku ward which includes less crowded area like Takadanobaba or Kagurazaka. Tokyo metropolitan office is located near Shinjuku Station, too.


alternative words: Bullet train, High speed train, Super express train
keywords: railroad
related topics: JR Tokai , JR East Japan , JR West Japan , Linear motor train
related web sites: ,
explanation: In order to cope with a saturation of Tokaido line which connects Tokyo and Osaka, the government decided to construct a second railroad, Tokaido shinkansen, based on a revolutionary plan: no crossing points and no merchandise wagons. The construction began in 1959 and achieved in 1964. Because of its success, the government has extended the same technology on other lines: Sanyo shinkansen, Tohoku shinkansen, Joetsu shinkansen. Shikansen means "new trunk line".

Shinshoji Temple

親勝寺 成田山親勝寺 成田山 成田
alternative words: Shinsho-ji temple, Shinshoji, Naritasan Shinshoji, Narita-san Shinsho-ji, Naritasan, Narita san, Narita temple, Narita
keywords: temple
related topics: Chiba Prefecture , Narita Airport
related web sites:
explanation: One of the oldest Boudhist temples in Kanto region. During a great revolt of Taira no Masakado in the early 10th century, the Emperor sent there a statue of Buddhist God, Fudo Myoo with a great priest, Koncho Daisojo in order to pray for the end of the war. After the revolt, when man tried to return back the statue, it happened to be impossible to move it. So in 1940, it was decided to build in the actual place a Buddhist temple to keep the above statue.

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