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Naha City

alternative words: Nahashi city, Nahashi, Naha-shi, Naha shi, Naha
keywords: harbor, military base, okinawa, town
related topics: Okinawa Prefecture , Shuri castle , Naha airport
related web sites: ,
explanation: Capital of Okinawa Prefecture located in the south of Okinawa Island. It comes from a merger of 2 towns: Shuri which was the capital of Okinawa Kingdom and Naha proper which was its main harbor. During WWII the town was completely destroyed but has been restored, including famous Shurei Gate (Shurei no Mon) used for the entrance of Chinese Ambassador. The population is about 300,000.

Nakanoshima island

alternative words: Nakanoshima, Nakano shima, Naka no shima
keywords: district, island, osaka
related topics: Osaka city
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explanation: A tiny island located inside Yodo river in Osaka city and near Osaka castle. Town hall, Osaka university, Bank of Japan and park of Nakanoshima being there, it forms the political and economic center of Osaka. Nakanoshima means "middle island".


中海 中海
alternative words: Lake Nakanoumi, Nakanoumi sea, Naka no umi, Lake Nakaumi, Nakaumi sea, Nakaumi
keywords: lake
related topics: Tottori prefecture , Shimane prefecture
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located between Tottori and Shimane prefectures, Nakanoumi looks like a lake because connected to the outer sea with a narrow strait but it is a saltwater lagoon. It owns an inhabited island, Daikonshima , well known for the culture of tree peony and ginseng. The government wanted to reclaim Nakanoumi to create agricultural and industrial lands but renounced due to a strong opposition of environmentalists. They feared that the waters of Shinjiko lake nearby should be affected.


難波 難波区
alternative words: Naniwa district, Naniwa ward
keywords: district, osaka
related topics: Osaka city
explanation: Ward located in the center of Osaka city around Naniwa station of Nankai railroad. It owns Tsutekaku tower, Osaka baseball stadium and gymnasium. Nippon Bashi district, where electric appliance and computer shops are concentrated, is in the east while along Kizugawa river in the west there are shipyards. By the way, Naniwa is an old name of Osaka.

Nankai electric railway

南海電鉄 南海
alternative words: Nankai denki tetsudo, Nankaidentetsu, Nankai dentetsu
keywords: company, osaka, railroad
related topics: Kansai airport , Osaka prefecture , Wakayama prefecture , Kongobuji temple , Kinki nippon railway
related web sites: ,
explanation: Small railroad company serving between Osaka and Wakayama prefectures. The company has separated from Kinki nippon railway since 1947. It owns now many bus lines and is in estate business too. You can get to Kansai airport from Osaka city by using this company too.

Nara City

alternative words: Narashi city, Narashi, Nara shi, Nara
keywords: nara, tourist resort, town
related topics: Nara Prefecture , Todaiji Temple , Great Buddha of Nara
related web sites: ,
explanation: Town where the office of Nara Prefecture is situated. The population is 0.3 million. Nara has been built by Empress Genme in 710 and remained as capital of Japan until 784. By imitating Chinese capital, the town was divided into districts by horizontal and vertical streets as a checkerboard, but the western part had been abandoned. Each year, it attracts about 16 millions of tourists because it owns innumerable temples and shrines like Todaiji and Kasuga Shrine.

Nara Prefecture

alternative words: Naraken prefecture, Naraken, Nara ken, Nara
keywords: nara, prefecture, tourist resort
related topics: Nara City , Horyuji Temple , Toshodaiji Temple , Oomiwa Shrine , Yakushiji Temple , Kinki nippon railway
related web sites: ,
explanation: Nara prefecture occupies the central part of Kinki region. Its surface is 3,692 km2 and the population 1.3million. The prefectural office is at Nara City. The southern region is mountainous with heavy rain and therefore the forestry is prosperous. The northern region forms a basin where the most of the human activity is concentrated. Nara is first of all the tourist regions with innumerable shrines and temples. The farmers are cultivating fruits and vegetables because of the vicinity to Osaka.

Narita Airport

成田空港 成田国際空港 成田飛行場 成田
alternative words: Narita, Narita International Airport, New Tokyo International Airport
keywords: airport
related topics: Haneda Airport , Chiba Prefecture , Keisei electric railway
related web sites:
explanation: Principal airport of Tokyo and its environment. Initial airport of Tokyo, Haneda being saturated, the government decided to build a new airport in Chiba prefecture in 1966. Due to a protestation coming from farmers and students, the airport opened very lately in 1978 with only one runway. In order to reach the airport from Tokyo, take a train from Tokyo or Ueno railroad stations (one hour of trip) or a bus from major stations and hotels (between one and half and 2 hours of trip)

Narita city

成田市 成田
alternative words: Naritashi city, Naritashi, Narita shi, Narita
keywords: tourist resort, town
related topics: Narita airport , Shinshoji temple , Chiba prefecture , Keisei electric railway , JR east Japan
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the northern Chiba prefecture in the east of Inbanuma lake, Naria had developed as a temple town of Shinshoji during the middle ages. Since the opening of a new international airport of Tokyo in 1978, many industries has implemented in Narita. Farmers are cultivating vegetables, peanuts and potatoes. Mausoleum of Sakura Shogoro is well known for cherry blossoms. The total population is 96,000. You can get there via Keisei railway or Narita line of JR east Japan.

Naruto Bridge

alternative words: Naruto Strait Bridge, Dainaruto Bridge
keywords: bridge, shikoku
related topics: Hyogo Prefecture , Tokushima Prefecture , Akashi Bridge , Awaji Island , Shikoku island
related web sites:
explanation: Long bridge constructed between Shikoku and Awaji Island over Naruto Strait. It is the first of the series of bridges built between Honshu and Shikoku. Its total length is 1629 m and the span between 2 main pillars is "only" 876 m. Though opened in June 1985 for cars, its railroad remains unused because its counter part, Akashi Bridge has been built without railroad contrary to the initial plan. Naruto Strait is well known for its whirlpools which appear during a tide.

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