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Ueno Zoological Garden

上野動物園 東京都恩賜上野動物園
alternative words: Ueno Zoo, Zoo of Ueno, Ueno Dobutsuen, Ueno Doubutsuen, Zoo of Tokyo
keywords: park, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Built in 1882, it is the biggest zoological garden in Japan and managed now by Tokyo Prefecture. It houses 1658 animals of 341 species and covers 140,000 m2. You can reach there by 10 minutes of walk from Ueno Station.

Universal studio Japan

alternative words: Universal studio, Universalstudio, Universalstudio park
keywords: osaka, park
related topics: Osaka city
related web sites:
explanation: Created on the delta of Yodo river in the west of Osaka city, it is the first Universal studio's attraction park constructed outside USA. Its opening is planed on March 31, 2001.

Urawa City

alternative words: Urawashi city, Urawashi, Urawa-shi, Urawa shi, Urawa
keywords: town, world cup
related topics: Saitama Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: City where the office of Saitama Prefecture is situated. During Edo period, it had developed as a post town of Nakasendo which linked Tokyo and Kyoto through the inland region. Afterward, during 20the century, the town has extended quickly because many factories as well as workers have migrated there thanks to the vicinity to Tokyo. The town is also notorious for its soccer team and some matches of World Cup 2002 will take place there.

Usa Shrine

alternative words: Usajingu Shrine, Usa-jingu, Usa Jingu
keywords: kyushu, shrine
related topics: Oita Prefecture , Hachimangu Shrine
related web sites:
explanation: It is one of the oldest shrines because the ancient book of Japanese history, Nihonshoki already mentions it: the first Emperor, Jinmu stayed there to rest for 1 year before invading Kinki region. The shrine worships Japanese 15th Emperor, Ojin and is very influential because it owns many child shrines all over Japan, Hachimangu Shrine at Kamakura City being the most famous one.

Utsunomiya city

宇都宮市 宇都宮
alternative words: Utsunomiyashi city, Utsunomiya shi, Utsunomiya
keywords: town
related topics: Tochigi prefecture , Nikko
related web sites:
explanation: Capital of Tochigi prefecture. Utsunomiya is a phonetic deformation of Ichinomiya, i.e. "the first shrine". As its name indicates, it had been a regional political center in old times. During Edo period, it has developed as a castle town and post town of Nikko road. It owns food, mechanic and electric industry. The population is 405,000.

Wakayama Prefecture

alternative words: Wakayamaken prefecture, Wakayama, Wakayamaken, Wakayama ken
keywords: prefecture, wakayama
related topics: Kii peninsula , Kumano Hongu Shrine , Kongobuji Temple , Shirahama Spa
related web sites: ,
explanation: Wakayama prefecture occupies the southern part of Kinki region, facing Pacific Ocean. Its surface is 4,724 km2 and the population 1 million. The prefectural office is at Wakayama City. Excepting for the extreme northern region where most of the human activity is concentrated, all the region is mountainous and covered by deep forests. On the coastal region, fishing is prosperous because it owns many good harbors. Thanks to a mild climate, it produces many kinds of oranges, too.

Wakkanai city

alternative words: Wakkanaishi city, Wakkanaishi, Wakkanai-shi, Wakkani shi, Wakkanai
keywords: hokkaido, town
related topics: Hokkaido prefecture , Rebun island , Rishiri island
related web sites:
explanation: History of Wakkanai began when Matsumae domain settled a trading post with aborigines in 1685. During Meiji period the city was prosperous with fishing of herring then a departure point to Sakhalin when Japan recuperated it after a war of 1905. After the world war II, it lost the contact with Sakhalin but it has surfaced again after a fall of communist regime in Russia. Wakkanai owns canning and freezing factories of fishes and is a tourist base for Rebun Rishiri islands. The population is 45,000.

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