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Boso peninsula

alternative words: Bosohanto, Boso-hanto, Boso hanto, Bousou peninsula, Bousouhantou, Bousou-hantou, Bousou hantou
keywords: peninsula
related topics: Chiba Prefecture , Aqualine , Tateyama city
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the south-east of Kanto region, it forms the southern part of Chiba prefecture and faces Yokohama City over Tokyo bay. Composed essentially of low plateaus and hills, the land is scarcely uneven. The southern extremity being washed by Kuroshio maritime current, the climate is mild and the fruit and vegetable cultures are prosperous. You can now reach Boso peninsula directly from Kawasaki city via Aqualine bridge without passing through the north Chiba.

Byodoin temple

alternative words: Byodoin, Byodo in, Byoudouin temple, Byoudouin, Byoudou in
keywords: kyoto, temple, world heritage
related topics: Kyoto prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the south of Kyoto prefecture at Uji city, Byodoin had been first served as a private villa of Fujiwara Michinaga then transformed by his son, Yorimichi, to a Buddhist temple in 1052. The main building commonly called "Phenix hall" extending its side structure and reflecting its image on a pond is really pictorial. The statue of Amida nyorai, inside the hall is a typical Buddhist sculpture of Heiand period. The picture of Byodoin appears on the backside of 10 yen coin.

Central Alps

中央アルプス 木曽山脈
alternative words: Kiso Mountain Chain, Kiso Mountains, Japanese Central Alps
keywords: mountain, nagano
related topics: Nagano Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Kiso Mountains, also called Central Alps is a middle aged steep mountain chain composed of granite, stretched across 20km in east-west and 80km in south-north direction, and located between Kiso valley and Ina basin in the south of Nagano prefecture. The mountains are covered of primeval forests and abundant in Alpine flowers. The highest peak is Mt. Koma with 2956m high and a ropeway goes up to just beneath it.

Chiba city

alternative words: Chibashi city, Chibashi, Chiba shi, Chiba
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Chiba prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the western prefecture, Chiba developed as a castle town of Chiba clan in the middle ages. Since the prefectural office was settled there, the development of Chiba has accelerated thanks to its vicinity to Tokyo especially after the opening of a second railroad, Keiyo line which connects Chiba in less than 30mn to the center of Tokyo. On a reclaimed land, there exist many modern buildings such as "Makuhari messe convention center" and "Marine stadium". The population is 890,000.

Chiba Prefecture

alternative words: Chibaken prefecture, Chiba, Chibaken, Chiba-ken, Chiba ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Chiba city , Tateyama city , Ichihara city , Narita Airport , Tokyo Disney Land , Aqualine , Boso peninsula , Tone river
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Chiba prefecture occupies the south-eastern part of Kanto region and forms a peninsula between Pacific Ocean and Tokyo Bay. Its surface is 5,150 km2 and the population 5.1 millions. The prefectural office is at Chiba City. The north-western part, being adjacent to Tokyo, is highly urbanized with many factories and also Tokyo Disney Land on Tokyo Bay area. The other zone is rather rural and the main activities are vegetable and fruit culture on inland, and fishing on the coast.

Chichibu City

alternative words: Chichibushi, Chichibu-shi, Chichibu shi, Chichibu
keywords: town
related topics: Saitama Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the west of Saitama Prefecture, it had developed as a center of sericulture during Edo period. Later a cement industry has developed thanks to limestone of Mt. Buko. In February 2000, an astonishing news shook the whole Japan: man has discovered remains of human activity of a half million old at Ogasaka district. It is the oldest in Japan and one of the oldest in the world.

Chitose airport

千歳空港 千歳飛行場 新千歳飛行場 千歳
alternative words: New Chitose airport, Chitose
keywords: airport, hokkaido
related topics: Sapporo city , Hokkaido prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the south of Ishikari plain at Chitose city, Chitose is the unique international airport in Hokkaido. It is shared with Japanese self-defense agency (Jieitai) and operating 24 hours a day. You can reach there by bus from Sapporo city in 70 minutes and from Tomakomai city in 40 minutes.

Choshi city

銚子市 銚子
alternative words: Choshishi city, Choshishi, Choshi, Choushi city, Choushi
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Chiba prefecture , Tone river
related web sites:
explanation: Located in northwestern Chiba prefecture, at the mouth of Tone river, Choshi has developed as fishing and Tone's fluvial harbor since Edo period. Though the fluvial transport has declined, Choshi still remains one of the biggest fishing harbors in Japan thanks to its exceptional geographic position. Choshi owns also many factories of fishing equipment and shoyu (soy sauce) brewing. Iubosaki cap and Byubugaura seacoast belong to Suigo Tsukuba national selection park. The population is 83,000.

Chubu airport

alternative words: Central Japan international airport, Chubu international airport, Centrair
keywords: airport
related topics: Nagoya city , Ise bay , Kansai airport , Aichi Prefecture , Aichi world exposition
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Airport of Nagoya Komaki being saturated (its usage is shared with the army), the government decided to build a new airport on Ise bay in 1997, by following the same model maritime as Kansai airport and allowing 24 hours/24 operation. Its construction began in 2000 and finished on February 2005, in time for Aichi expo 2005 which took place in the same year. You can reach the new airport in 30 minutes by Meitestu express train from Nagayo station which served by bullet train (Shinkansen).

Chusonji temple

alternative words: Chuson temple, Chuson ji, Chusonji, Hiraizumi temple
keywords: temple, tohoku
related topics: Iwate prefecture
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Located in the south of Iwate prefecture at Hiraizumi, Chusonji had been a gorgeous Buddhist temple patronized by Oshu Fujiwara family in 12th century. Once Oshu Fujiwara eliminated by Minamoto no Yoritomo, Chusonji declined and most of the buildings were burned out in 1337 excepting for Konjikido (Golden colored hall) who still keeps 3 mummies of Fujiwara. Covered with gold leaves, ivory and rare shells, you can imagine the greatness of the old times.

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