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Lake Akan

alternative words: Akan lake, Lake Akanko, Akanko, Akan ko, Akan
keywords: hokkaido, lake, tourist resort
related topics: Hokkaido prefecture , Lake Kussharo , Lake Mashu
related web sites:
explanation: Situated in the east of Hokkaido prefecture, it was formed by an explosion of Mt Oanak located nearby. The surface is 11.8 km2 and the depth 36.6m. Balls of algae called "marimo" is lake's specialty. Together with other volcanic lakes located in the east, Lakes Kussharo and Mashu, Lake Akan forms "Akan national park". Akankohan Spa is on its southern shore.

Lake Ashinoko

alternative words: Lake Ashi, Lake Ashino ko, Ashinoko, Ashino ko, Hakone lake, Lake Hakone
keywords: kanagawa, lake
related topics: Kanagawa Prefecture , Hakone
related web sites: ,
explanation: Lake Ashinoko was formed about 3000 years ago by the last volcanism of Hakone, caused by a hydraulic explosion of Owaku valley which blown up a part of Mt Kamiyama. It provoked a huge landslide which came to block Hayakawa river by pushing toward the actual end of the lake.

Lake Biwa

alternative words: Lake Biwako, Lake Biwa-ko, Biwako, Biwa-ko
keywords: lake
related topics: Shiga Prefecture , Otsu city
related web sites:
explanation: Lake located at the center of Shiga Prefecture. It is the biggest lake in Japan with 672 km2 of surface and 103 m of depth. Being one of the oldest lakes of the world, there exist several species proper to this lake. Its waters are used for the industries of Tsu and Hikone Cities as well as agriculture of Eastern Lake region.

Lake Chuzenji

alternative words: Lake Chuzenjiko, Lake Chuzenji ko, Chuzenji lake, Chuzenjiko, Chuzenji ko, Chuuzenjiko, Lake Chuuzenjiko, Chuzenji, Chuzen ji
keywords: lake
related topics: Tochigi Prefecture , Nikko , Mt. Nantai
related web sites: ,
explanation: Lake Chuzenji was formed by an explosion of Mt. Nantai which came to block Daiya River. On the lakeside, we can quote, as interesting view spots, Chuzenji Spa, middle shrine of Futaarasan, Tachigi-kannon and Shore of Iris. Around Ojiri Bridge, you will find a range of piers for pleasure and hired boats as well as well equipped hiking courses.

Lake Hachiro

alternative words: Lake Hachirogata, Hachirogata, Hachiro-gata, Hachiro gata, Hachiro
keywords: lake, tohoku
related topics: Lake Biwa , Akita Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the western coast of Akita prefecture with 221 km2, Hachirogata had been the second largest lake in Japan after Biwako. In order to resolve the problem of an overpopulation after WWII, Japanese government began to dry up Hachirogata with a Dutch's assistance, because Hachirogata had maximum only 5m deep. Ironically, when the project ended, Japan happened to have enough rice fields. Anyway, it is impressive to visit Hachirogata's huge rice fields divided with straight roads.

Lake Hamana

alternative words: Hamanako, Hamana-ko, Lake Hamanako
keywords: lake, tourist resort
related topics: Shizuoka Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in west of Shizuoka prefecture, Lake Hamana is one of the largest in Japan (65 km2). Formerly called "Tootsu Awaumi", i.e. "distant fresh water lake", after a tectonic subsidence provoked by the great earthquake of 1498, the lake had been flowed into by sea waters and become brackish. A popular marine sports center, Lake Hamana is also well know for its eel cultivation.

Lake Inawashiro

猪苗代湖 猪苗代
alternative words: Lake Inawashiroko, Lake Inawashiro ko, Inawashiroko, Inawashiro ko, Inawashiro, Inawashiro lake, Inawashiroko lake
keywords: lake, tohoku
related topics: Fukushima Prefecture , Mt. Bandai , Inawashiro ski ground
explanation: Located at the center of Fukushima prefecture near Aizu-wakamatsu city, it is a dam lake formed by an explosion of Mt. Bandai which is towering on the northern shore. Its surface is 105 km2 and the deepest point is 94 m. The waters are used for the rice fields on the neighborhood via Asaka irrigation canal. The famous bacteriologist Noguchi Hideyo was born near this lake.

Lake Kasumigaura

alternative words: Kasumigaura
keywords: lake, tourist resort
related web sites:
explanation: Located 60km north-east of Tokyo in Ibaraki prefecture, Kasumigaura is the rest of a much larger brackish lake, Katorinoumi, which had been reclaimed and isolated from the ocean by alluvial deposits for long times, though it still remains the second largest lake in Japan, covering 220 km2, after Lake Biwa. Sailed fishing boats on the lake offer an unique scenery in Japan.

Lake Kawaguchi

alternative words: Lake Kawaguchiko, Kawaguchiko, Kawaguchi-ko, Kawaguchi ko
keywords: lake, tourist resort
related topics: Yamanashi prefecture , Mt. Fuji , Hakone , Fujiyoshida city
related web sites: , ,
explanation: A tiny lake located on the northern skirt of Mt Fuji, near Fujiyoshia city. Along with Hokone, it is one of the most popular tourist resorts to admire Mt Fuji. The lake has been formed by lava stream coming to block a river. Its surface is 5.6km2 and the depth is 14.6m. It fits to camping in summer and skating in winter. Together with Mt Fuji, it belongs to Fuji Hakone Izu national park. You can get there via Fujikyu railroad or branch of Chuo expressway from Otsuki city.

Lake Kussharo

屈斜路湖 屈斜路湖
alternative words: Lake Kussharo-ko, Kussharoko, Kussharo-ko, Kussharo ko, Lake Kutcharo, Kutcharoko
keywords: hokkaido, lake
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Lake Mashu
explanation: A great caldera lake of volcanic origin located in the east of Hokkaido. Its surface is 79.7 km2 and the deepest point is 117m. Lake Kussharo owns an islet, "Nakanoshima" at the center. There exist other lakes of volcanic origin nearby: Lake Mashu in the east and Lake Akan in the west. With those lakes, it forms "Akan national park".

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