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Tenryu river

alternative words: Tenryugawa river, Tenryugawa, Tenryu-gawa, Tenryu gawa
keywords: river, tourist resort
related topics: Shizuoka Prefecture , Nagano Prefecture , Ina valley , Central Alps , South Alps
related web sites:
explanation: River located in the center of Honshu island. The total length is 222km. It takes the source from Lake Suwa of Nagano prefecture and runs down in Ina valley between South Alps and Central Alps mountain chains. It enters then Shizuoka prefecture and pours into Pacific Ocean near Hamamatsu city. The river had a reputation of being very violent (Tenryu means "Heavenly dragon"), it has been nearly subdued since the construction of Sakuma dam in 1956.

Tobu railway

東武鉄道 東武
alternative words: Tobutetsudo, Tobu tetsudo, Toubu tetsudo, Toubu railway, Tobu, Toubu
keywords: company, railroad, tokyo
related topics: Saitama prefecture , Gunma prefecture , Tochigi prefecture , Nikko , Tobu zoological garden
related web sites:
explanation: Railway company founded in 1897 and covering the region between Tokyo and north of Kanto region, i.e. Gunma and Tochigi prefectures, especially Nikko region. The company operates also many bus lines, estate business and leisure lands.

Tobu zoological garden

東武動物公園 東武動物園
alternative words: Tobu zoo, Toubu zoo, Tobu zoo garden, Toubu zoo garden
keywords: park
related topics: Saitama prefecture , Tobu railway
related web sites:
explanation: Located at Miyashiro town in eastern Saitama prefecture, Tobu zoo is a fanny place because it is in fact the combination of an attraction park and a zoo. You can get there by using Tobu railway, to which this park belongs, from Omiya or Kitasenju (about 30 minutes of trip).

Tochigi Prefecture

alternative words: Tochigiken prefecture, Tochigi, Tochigiken, Tochigi ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Nikko , Mt. Nantai , Lake Chuzenji , Toshogu Shrine , Utsunomiya city , Nasu highland
related web sites:
explanation: Tochigi prefecture occupies the northern part of Kanto region. Its surface is 6,413 km2 and the population 1.8 million. The prefectural office is at Utsunomiya City. Its most important activity is the tourism with a famous international resort of Nikko Shrine and Chuzenji Lake. Though its copper field has been exhausted, related chemical and electric industries have remained. Recently the prefecture is trying to attract a Japanese new capital to Nasu Highland on the north.

Todaiji Temple

alternative words: Todai-ji Temple, Todai Temple, Todaiji, Todai-ji, Toudaiji Temple, Toudai Temple, Toudaiji, Toudai-ji
keywords: nara, temple, world heritage
related topics: Nara City , Great Buddha of Nara
related web sites:
explanation: Toudaiji Temple had been the headquarters of all the official Buddhist temples constructed by Emperor Shomu in each province of Japan. It has been suffered several times from the war casualties so it has lost the initial dimension. Nevertheless the actual hall of Daibutsu, where the great Buddha has been installed, has a frontage of 57m with 47.5m of height and is the world biggest wooden building.

Tokai Village

alternative words: Tokaimura Village, Tokaimura, Tokai-mura, Toukai Village, Toukaimura, Toukai-mura
keywords: research center, town
related topics: Ibaraki Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Village located about 120 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. Initially a tiny village on the Pacific coast, it has developed considerably since Japanese government built there a nuclear research center in 1957. Its population is 34,000. A nuclear accident took place in a processing plant located in this town in September 1999 and 2 workers died.

Tokushima Prefecture

alternative words: Tokushimaken prefecture, Tokushima, Tokushimaken, Tokushima ken
keywords: prefecture, shikoku
related topics: Naruto Bridge
related web sites:
explanation: Tokushima prefecture occupies the eastern part of Shikoku region, facing Pacific Ocean. Its surface is 4,145 km2 and the population 0.8 million. The prefectural office is at Tokushima City. Western region is mountainous and the main activities are forestry and culture of potatoes, while the farmers are cultivating rice, oranges and vegetables in the eastern region. Though the region is mostly rural, thanks to opening of 2 great bridges over Awaji Island, a future development is expected.

Tokyo bay

alternative words: Tokyo inlet, Tokyowan bay, Tokyowan, Tokyo-wan, Tokyo wan
keywords: sea, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo prefecture , Aqualine , Ichihara city , Kawasaki city , Boso peninsula , Sumida river , Tama river
explanation: Tokyo Bay is an inlet located in the south of Kanto Area. Placed between Boso Peninsula on the east and Miura Peninsula on the west, it communicates on the south with Pacific Ocean via Uraga Channel. Spanning 30km from east to west and 80km from south to north, its depth is generally less than 30m in the north and increases gradually toward the south. It faces Tokyo, the capital, and Kehin Industry Area is in the west. Now you can cross the bay by car through Aqualine.

Tokyo Disney Land

東京デズニーランド デズニーランド
alternative words: Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Land in Tokyo, Disney Land, Disneyland, Disney park, Disney
keywords: park, tokyo, tourist resort
related topics: Chiba prefecture , Tokyo prefecture , Tokyo bay , Tokyo Disney sea
related web sites:
explanation: Located at Urayasu city near Tokyo facing Tokyo bay, it was the first Disney Land opened outside USA (1983). Now it has become the biggest amusement park in Japan with 15 million visitors per year. You take a train of Keiyo line from Tokyo station then get out at Maihama station (15 minutes of trip). The sister park, "Tokyo Disney sea" will be soon open nearby.

Tokyo Disney sea

東京ディズニーシー ディズニーシー
alternative words: Tokyo Diseneysea, Disney sea, Disneysea, Tokyo Disney sea park, Disney sea park
keywords: park, tokyo, tourist resort
related topics: Chiba Prefecture , Tokyo prefecture , Tokyo bay , Tokyo Disney land
related web sites:
explanation: With the great success of Tokyo Disney land, Disney decided to launch the sister park, "Tokyo Disney sea". Its themes are centered on the world adventure based on Disney's movies and cartoons such as "Submarine Nautilus" and "Little Mermaid". The park is contiguously located on the southeast of Disney park facing Tokyo bay and its opening is planed on September 4, 2001.

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