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Lake Mashu

alternative words: Lake Mashuko, Mashuko, Mashu-ko, Mashu ko, Mashu, Lake Mashuu, Mashuuko, Mashuu-ko
keywords: hokkaido, lake, tourist resort
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Lake Kussharo
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explanation: Lake Mashu, with 20km of circumference and 140m of depth is a comma-shaped caldera lake originated from a volcano activity of Mashu Caldera. It is classed with Lake Baikal in Siberia as one of the most transparent lakes of the world. Moreover it is well known that the lake keeps the constant water level in spite of the lack of in and out flows. It forms "Akan national park" with Lakes Kussharo and Akan located on the west.

Lake Suwa

alternative words: Suwa lake, Lake Suwako, Suwako, Suwa ko, Suwa
keywords: lake, nagano, tourist resort
related topics: Nagano prefecture , Suwataisha shrine , Tenryu river
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explanation: Situated at the center of Nagano prefecture, Suwako is the biggest lake of no volcanic origin located in mountains. It attracts many tourists for Suwataisha shrine, fireworks in summer and skating in winters. It forms the source of Tenry river and the fishing is abundant due to its nutritive value. Suwako is surrounded by towns such as Okaya, Suwa, Shimosuwa and suffers recently water pollution. Its surface is 14.1 km2 and the depth 7.6m.

Lake Tazawa

alternative words: Lac Tazawako, Tazawako, Tazawa-ko, Tazawa ko, Tazawa
keywords: lake, tohoku, tourist resort
related topics: Akita Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Lake Tazawa is a circular caldera of 423m depth, the deepest in Japan. The section has the form of a bucket and its water is dark blue with the transparency of about 30m. The shore is fit for a camping and Tazawa Highland which belongs to Towada Hachiman National Park spreads in the east.

Lake Towada

alternative words: Lake Towadako, Towadako, Towada-ko, Towada ko, Towada
keywords: lake, tohoku, tourist resort
related topics: Aomori Prefecture , Akita Prefecture , Hachimantai
related web sites:
explanation: Lake of a volcanic origin situated between Aomori and Akita Prefectures. Its surface is 59.8 km2 and its deepest point is 326 m. Its best season is the autumn when all the leaves turn red or yellow. With Hachimantai on the south, it forms "Towada Hachimantai National Park".

Lake Toya

alternative words: Lake Toyako, Toyako, Toya-ko, Touyako, Toya
keywords: hokkaido, lake
related topics: Hokkaido Prefecture , Mt. Usu
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the west of Hokkaido, it is a big circular caldera lake of the volcanic origin. Its surface is 70 km2 and the maximum depth is 180 m. Thanks to this depth (the deepest point is under the sea level), it is the most northern lake which doesn't freeze during the winter. Mt. Usu which exploded in April 2000 and Toyako Spa are on the southern shore. Both of them together with lake Toya belong to Shikotsu Toya national park. A G8 summit will take place in 2008 on the shore of this lake.

Lake Yamanaka

alternative words: Yamanaka lake, Lake Yamanakako, Yamanakako, Yamanaka ko
keywords: lake, tourist resort
related topics: Yamanashi prefecture , Mt. Fuji , Fujiyoshida city
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located in southern Yamanashi prefecture on the northeastern slope of Mt Fuji, it forms one of 5 Fuji lakes (Fujigoko). It stemmed from a lava flow from Mt Fuji which had blocked Katsura river. Its surface is 6.4 km2 (the largest among 5 Fuji lakes) and the deepest point is 13m. Located at 951m high, it is one of the most popular summer resorts situated near Tokyo and the lake shore is fit for a camping. In winter, the lake becomes a skate ring. You can get there from Fujiyoshida city by bus.

Linear motor train

リニアカー リニアモータカー
alternative words: Maglev train, Linear train, Linear car, Linear motor car
keywords: railroad, research center
related topics: Shinkansen , Miyazaki prefecture , Yamanashi prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: In order to make up for a forthcoming saturation of Tokaido Shinkansen line, the government launched studies of a new transport system based on magnetic levitation. After having reached 300 km/h with small size vehicle on an experimental line located in Miyazaki prefecture, full scale experiments began on Yamanshi experimental line near Tokyo in April 1997. In December 1997, a vehicle reached 531 km/h and in April 1999, 552 km/h (world record). Reliability test still continues.

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