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Ibaraki Prefecture

茨城県 茨城
alternative words: Ibarakiken prefecture, Ibarakiken, Ibaraki-ken, Ibaraki ken, Ibaraki, Ibaragi
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Kashima Shrine , Tokai Village , Tone river , Mito city , Tsukuba city
related web sites:
explanation: Ibaraki prefecture occupies the north-eastern part of Kanto region on the Pacific coast. Its surface is 6,094 km2 and the population 2.7 millions. The prefectural office is at Mito City. Though its 2 major mineral resources, copper and coal have been exhausted, 2 important activities have appeared, i.e. an education and research center around Tsukuba City and a newly created industry zone of Kashima on the Pacific coast. The culture of vegetables and tobacco is prosperous too.

Ibusuki city

alternative words: Ibusukishi city, Ibusukishi, Ibusuki shi, Ibusuki
keywords: kyushu, town, world cup
related topics: Kagoshima prefecture , Yaku island , Mt. Kirishima , Kagoshima bay
related web sites:
explanation: Located at the extreme south of Satsuma peninsula near Mt Kaimon and Lake Ikeda, the town is renowned for its rich thermal sources and the culture of tropical plants. The Experimental Station for Tropical Plants of Kagoshima University is also here. A part of the town belongs to Kirishima Yaku national park. The total population is 30,000. The town has been chosen as a training ground of French soccer team for the world cup 2002.

Ichihara city

alternative words: Ichiharashi city, Ichiharashi, Ichihara-shi, Ichihara shi, Ichihara
keywords: town
related topics: Chiba prefecture , Tokyo bay
related web sites:
explanation: Located on the shore of Tokyo bay, Ichihara appeared in the history as the regional gubernatorial town of Kazusa province (central part of actual Chiba prefecture). In the middle ages, it developed as a post down of Kisarazu road then recently many heavy industries such as oil refineries and shipyards have been implemented on the reclaimed land. Its population is 278,000.

Iizuna Highland

飯綱高原 飯綱山
alternative words: Iizunakogen, Iizuna-kogen, Iizuna kogen, Iizuna kougen, Mt Iizuna, Mount Iizuna
keywords: mountain, nagano, olympic games, ski resort
related topics: Nagano prefecture , Nagano city
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Mt Iizuna, 1917m high, is a volcano located on the north of Nagano City. Its summit is divided to many peaks and its topmost is worshipping 5 god shrines. Its southern skirt, also called "Iizuna highland" has many ponds and swampy grounds which give many beautiful Alpine flowers in spring: it becomes an excellent golf resort in summer and a skiing in winter. During Nagano Olympic games of 1998, the contests of "free style ski", bobsled and luge were organized there.


alternative words: Ikebukuro district
keywords: district, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Shinjuku , Shibuya , Seibu railway
related web sites: ,
explanation: Initially a quiet village in the west of Tokyo, it has developed quickly after many private and national railroad companies like JR, Tobu and Seibu had chosen Ikebukuro station as their terminus. Administratively belonging to Toshima ward of Tokyo City, it has become, with Shinjuku and Shibuya, one of the 3 most important shopping areas in the west of Tokyo: a great commercial center is settled there at Ikebukuro Sunshine Building.

Iki island

alternative words: Iki
keywords: island, kyushu
related topics: Nagasaki prefecture , Tsushima island , Tsushima strait , Fukuoka city
explanation: Island located between Tsushima island and Kyushu proper. Though tiny (only 138 km2), it has played a major historic role with Tsushima island because of its geographic position between Korea and Japan. For that reason, it was included among 8 major islands created first by God Izanagi in Japanese mythology. The island is composed essentially of a low plateau and people cultivate rice, fruits and vegetables. Fishing is also prosperous. You can reach there by plane or boat from Fukuoka.

Imperial Palace

皇居 宮城 江戸城 千代田城
alternative words: Edojo, Edo-jo, Edo jo, Chiyodajo, Chiyoda-jo, Chiyoda jo, Edo Castle, Kyujo, Kyu-jo, Kyu jo
keywords: building, castle, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Nagatacho , Kasumigaseki , Akasaka palace
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Edo Castle, also called Chiyoda Castle was firstly built by Ota Dokan in 1457. It began to develop really after the settlement of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the region in 1590 and completed in Iemitsu's era. After the collapse of Tokugawa Shogunate in 1868, the castle has been confiscated by the new government and become the imperial palace.

Ina valley

伊那盆地 伊那谷
alternative words: Inadani, Ina dani, Ina basin, Inaji, Ina
keywords: nagano, valley
related topics: Nagano prefecture , Tenryu river
related web sites: ,
explanation: Ina Basin also called Ina Valley is a valley of Tenryu River sandwiched between Kiso Mountains and Ina Mountains. Formed by terraces, flooding plans and alluvial cones, it is 60km long and 4 to 10km wide. Once, the sericulture, silk manufacture and textile industry had been prosperous. More recently, the apple culture and precision industry have developed there.

Inawashiro ski ground

alternative words: Inawashiro ski resort, Inawashiro ski jo, Inawashiro
keywords: ski resort, tohoku
related topics: Fukushima prefecture , Lake Inawashiro , Mt. Bandai
related web sites:
explanation: Located on the southern slope of Mt Banadi, Inawashiro is one of the oldest ski grounds in Tohoku region. It is a real pleasure to down hill toward the great lake of Inawashiro. It owns 15 courses.

Inland sea

alternative words: Setonaikai sea, Setonaikai, Seto-naikai, Seto naikai
keywords: sea, shikoku
related topics: Honshu island , Shikoku island , Kyushu island , Akashi strait , Itsukushima shrine
related web sites:
explanation: Surrounded totally by 3 Japanese major islands, Honshu in north and east, Shikoku in south and Kyushu in west, it makes Japan appear bigger than reality. Its east-west length is about 440 km and the south-north width is 5 to 55 km. Setonaikai means "inside straits" because it communicates with outer sea through narrow straits such as Kanmon-kaikyo and Akaishi-kaikyo. Owing many small islands, a part of area belongs to "Setonaikai national park" such as Itsukushima shrine.

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